Westjet flat slides off taxi at Edmonton airport between icy conditions


A WestJet plane that was to drive in on Victoria ended sliding off a taxiway to Edmonton International Airport on Friday night.

An airline spokesperson has never been injured, but the flight is canceled as a result.

"While taxiing to the runway, flying 173 slides off the taxiway into the icy conditions," Lauren said.

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After some people went to social media news article photos of a plane they said off the runway at Edmonton International Airport, global news talked to a passenger who had taken the plane to a snow bank while taxiing.

"Everyone is good," Becki Johnson said.

"The pilot mistook a snowy field when we are taxiing to the runway."

Johnson said the plane turned and suddenly became a little bumpy, but that didn't happen much more.

"You wouldn't even have noticed but I'm a nervous flyer," she said.

A Canadian Transportation Safety Board spokesperson has identified the incident as the aircraft is heading for the de-ice block and the agency will not be investigating.

There were 75 passengers and six crew members on board. Fifty-three passengers will head to Victoria on Friday night through Calgary.

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