Well Mainly: Never Know & # 39; Source of Deadly Virus

Trenton, NI. – New Jersey's Health Commissioner says it's possible the source of a viral infection that killed 11 children in a long-term care facility may never be known.

Dr. Serif Elahal Witness for a State Senate Legislative Committee Monday.

Al-Malin said that the Adenowirus who led to the dam in the Wanaque (WAHN-um-kye) Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell could come from a guest.

Children in the facility are all serious underlying health conditions.

Elnahal said his staff found "infection control deficiencies" in the facility. He also said it took the facility almost a month to fully separate and affected patients due to lack of space.

Representatives of the facility were invited to Monday's hearing but did not attend.

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