Weight loss is 95% diet and only 5% exercise – doctor


As a weight management doctor, one of the most frequently asked questions I ask is: "Why am I the only one in my family who is fat, when we all eat the same things?"

Some people are more prone to weight gain than others. Some are more responsive to exercise than others. The genetics of a gun, but the diet pulls the trigger.

This alone throws out the calorie theory. If a calorie is a calorie, some are & # 39; challenge & # 39; Of weight gain, if they are consuming the exact same food? When People Go on 500 Calorie Diets, What Do Some Lose More Than Others?

If a calorie is really a calorie, everyone should lose just the same amount of weight. This never happens. Not even in a controlled environment.

I looked after an obese client who had, on average, 1,000 calories a day and had done so many years. Not exactly what I would consider gluttony. Wouldn't I believe you? Would I tell you more about exercise? No, and no.

Weight loss exercise is another disgraceful propagation misconception. Nearly all the big food companies tell us that their products, such as soda, chocolate bars or sugary cereals, can be enjoyed "as part of a healthy lifestyle".

Some slimming clubs have rewarded snacks that consistently consisted of processed junk food, to & # 39; enjoy & # 39; After a period of exercise. It's crazy.

If you are given the wrong information, how do you expect to make the right choices?

To & # 39; make & # 39; Energy, you or burn stored fat or burn available or stored glucose. If it is burning fat (to lose weight), it will never happen if you consume glucose in the form of fruit or snacks.

One gets the feeling that the fault was deliberately diverted away from the complete crap they were selling, which made us sick and dirty, to us. We are told, it is our responsibility to exercise weight, regardless of what we miss in our bodies.


I don't need to remind you that great food and many weight loss franchises are required of their shareholders, not you. If you are given the wrong information, how do you expect to make the right choices?

Weight loss is 95 per cent diet, five per cent exercise. Simply put, you cannot outrun a bad diet. Exercise is fantastic for overall health but really inefficient for weight loss. Most people (and many calorimeters on exercise machines) gravely overestimate calorie burning during exercise. The same is true for wearable fitness technology, as shown in the study.

& # 39; burn 200 calories & # 39; Walk briskly for an hour on a treadmill. If you then drink a 230-bar chocolate bar or a sugary sport drink after your workout, you will unlock all your efforts in the minute or two it takes to eat that snack or drink. Adaptation is the reason why exercise is relatively ineffective for weight loss.

Your exquisite body will also fight back & # 39; After exercise, especially after long, intense exercise. Your body will often compensate by reducing your desire to move much, following your workout. Many of us have noticed just how little we want to voluntarily move on exercising.

It will also make you hungry. Resistant to eating will be nearly impossible. Believe me, Biochemistry will always tramp & # 39; Then there are the injuries that will leave you inactive for weeks. Those who exercise excessively may also temporarily lower their immune system. Have you ever experienced flu-like symptoms after a long run? Then you know what I'm talking about.

Sedentary behavior is clearly not to blame for the obesity's obesity. Something else is made us fat.

Our weight is carefully adjusted by hormones. Biochemistry and hormones drive all our nature, including our eating behavior. Our weight has nothing to do with how much we eat or little with exercise. Calorie weight does not control weight. Do hormones.

Insulin (the fat storing hormone) is the major hormone that drives weight gain. The other is a lower cortisol. Weight gain is mainly caused by high insulin, excessive cortisol, insulin resistance or a combination of all three. Identifying the right trigger for a particular individual is the key to weight loss.

If you are uneasy about your balance and want to do something about it, find a weight management expert who understands that the willpower is overrated. One who knows that weight has nothing to do with self-control. One who will treat you with the same empathy that all people deserve. It is entirely possible to manipulate your hormones to shift the weight.

Dr Niborra, a National Health Service (NSZ) physician, is a London-based medical weight loss expert and the medical director of Insulin, a private metabolic and weight loss clinic.

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