Weekend Takeaways: Superior scouting on display in Lightning streak


The Tampa at lightning has been a bit of a good, bad thing.

Actually, there is only one negative thrown in them, but this is a horrible one to be stuck with. The bolts have infamously failed to punch all the way through in the post-season, losing the 2015 Stanley Cup Final to Chicago and a couple of Eastern conferences game 7s in 2016 and 18.

That's why it's bad.

As for the positive, does something boggle the hockey view more like Tampa's ability to find not only good, but elite levels of players where others do not? Drafting Steven Stamcos first overall in 2008 and Victor Hedman second the following June produced a wonderful foundation. That is, we would not be picking up the team – who sits at the league standings and is currently on a six-game winning strike after Colonnado 7-1 on Saturday – to win the COP year after year if not for its ability to regularly Narrower gems outside the first round of the design.

The most points posted by no second-round plan this season is 44 recorded by Nikita Kucherov. Switch your search to the third round and you will find Brayden Point tops the list with 39. As for players who were never selected, check out the top five undrafted scorers this year and you'll see Yanni Gourde at No. 3 (24 points) and Tyler Johnson at No. 5 (22).

Ruki Mathieu Joseph, a fourth-runner in 2015, has nine goals this season. He has taken a couple of against the AWS, and if he can pass the recent disadvantages he has suffered in the last time, he has returned the best selection in the final round of a draft (seventh round in 2011).

Of course, Tampa has never hesitated to make bold trades, too, who landed them to attack Ryan Macdonagh and Mikhail Sergeachev. And I still can not take my eye off another blue-linen, Eric Carlson, when it comes to the team. Carlson, which was difficult to connect to Tampa before San Jose, and made a deal with Ottawa, taking three points on the weekend. If he hits the open market next summer, can anyone make a better degree than the bolts?

That said, Carlson's thing is never to go, no team is better positioned to endure high-profile rejection thanks to its unbroken string of unforeseen finds.

More weekend names

• Edmonton's 1-0 win over the Flames Sunday night seems like the strongest proof yet the team can thrive playing Ken Hitchcock hockey. The Oilers, now 7-2-1 under 'Hitch, & # 39; Allowed Calgary just four shots in the third period while protecting their single-goal lead. The flames have been one of the hottest teams in the league lately, just as Edmonton still has a way to go to the Battle of Alberta # 39; A true fight for the Pacific Division title, we certainly appear to be headed in the right direction.

• Even when he is a pending UFA, people do not talk enough about Joe Pavelski. The shark captain – whose contract status is easy to ignore because it is so difficult to imagine he is playing anywhere else – has 19 goals on the time after being shot on Saturday in the Arizona Coyotes. Pavelsky won six tales in his past seven outlets and, after 31 contests this year, only three goals of his 82-game total of 22 last season. Three also happens to be the number of goals he coaches League leader Alex Ovechkin by.

• Oh yeah, that guy. Ove slipped one past his Landman Sergei Bobrowski from the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday to give seven goals in his past eight games, as capitals have moved to the head of the class in the metropolitan.

• The Chicago Blackhawks are 3-11-2 since fighting former coach Joe Quennewille following Sunday night's 3-2 loss to the hubs. New bank guy Jeremy Calliton has watched his team desiring seven straight games and Chicago's minus-31 goal difference is the worst in the league. Zero Player Series has won since 2015 and any post-season games won since 2016. It is officially all about the lottery this year and figure out if GM Stan Bowman will get to lead the team through its next phase.

• In consecutive years, Canadian teams targeted centers Cannon MacDavid (2015), Aston Matthews (2016) and Elias Petersson (2017). McDavid is going to win his third consecutive scoring title (even current leader Mikko Rantanen knows that) Matthews wants to play a whole hockey game without scoring a goal (16 in 16 so far) and on Sunday Peterson registered the second five-point night From his 26-play career. The fact that they are all from different countries also makes us want to drive to the NGL offices immediately and make sure the guys are at the 2020 Olympics.

Red and White Power Rankings

1. Toronto Maple Leafs (20-9-1): I saw Tampa take control of the division, buffalo slipping back and wondering if the leaks will pull Boston again into the Atlantic 2-3 matchup.

2. Winnipeg Jets (18-9-2): The jets are tightening up defensive, having only one goal in each of their latest three games.

3. Calgary Flames (19-10-2): Noy Hanifin signed a season-high 25:09 from Ice Time on Sunday against Edmonton in the absence of suspended captain Mark Giordano (two games for kneeling Mikko Coivu on Thursday). The first Hurricane was actually found to be Calgary.

4. Montreal Canadians (15-10-5): Cardio price has seven levels for the Canadians, and its beginnings of the first quarter of the time become an increasingly distant memory.

5. Edmonton Oilers (16-12-2): Maxx Coskinin's Sunday shootout only strengthens his bid to be the full-time of Odmonton's No. 1, but Cam Talbot has looked better for his past couple, too.

6. Ottawa (13-14-4): Three more points for the Mark Stone in two weekend games, a win over Pittsburgh and a bit of loss to Boston. It will be absolutely fascinating to see how the play with Stone and fellow pending-Ufa Matt Gouchene (currently sided with a horror) in the next couple of months.

7. Vancouver Kanax (13-16-3): According to the NHL Stats section, 60% of Vancouver's goals this year have been scored by players aged 23 or younger. Brock's boss's hat trick on Sunday helped with that.

In your ear

Why is so much coziness a fascinating and absolutely unreliable personality all at once? The second-to-be-traded star is another very powerful time for the Penguins, but some idea Pittsburgh would move it into the right package. In the latest episode of the tape podcast, the co-host Rory Buylen and I examined a few potential fittings for the pens, the pens actually pull the trigger.

Ryan Dixon and Rory Boolen go deep into packs with a mix of facts and fun, linging on a varied group of hockey voices to give their names to the most favorite game of the country.

Look forward

• The first tenth of this year between Atlantic Heavyweights Toronto and Tampa goes Thursday night in Florida. That will be the second and last game of Zach Himan's justifiable suspension for his late strike on Brains Defenseman Charlie Makavoy on Saturday night.

• I do not want to be too excited here, but it's a real sense of plug-in people that we could see some major moves before the holiday deal fries hits a week from Wednesday (December 19). When you see names like Bobrovsky and Alex Pietrangelo out there, the hands start rubbing together.

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