We should take City City nerves, says United defender Lindelof – Football


Victor Lindelof believes that Manchester United should be more aggressive in the Sunday defeat in the derby in Manchester City.

The United Defender believes that United lost the chance to return to the Etihad stadium after the team was redirected to 2-1 just before the hour.

Instead, leaders in the Premier League City who moved with the tool to finish the game 3-1 and open the lead with 12 points above their neighbors.

United remained disappointed at the Etihad Stadium

Lindelof told MUTV: "When we scored the first goal we were a bit more aggressive and tried a little more.

"We were very nervous about this goal and we felt like we could achieve another, but they scored a third goal instead. We are very disappointed that we thought we could achieve the second goal and get a better result.

"We had a lot of properties, but in our last third of the field we did not really get into the defensive line. We tried and felt as if we were more likely to hit them."

The city soon took over the game with a twelve-minute opening from David Silva and Sergio Aguero doubled his lead after a break. Anthony Martial's penalty gave hope to repeat his stunning victory in the last season, but Ilkay Gundogan finished the race at the end of a 44-minute move four minutes time.

Martial's punishment was United up

The result was a demolition of the United States momentum after a recent drop in results. The Jose Mourinho side won three of their competitions in all competitions, including an exciting victory in Juventus to relieve a part of the pressure he was building in the season.

Due to an international holiday, they are now free of play until Crystal Palace visits Old Trafford on November 24th.

Lindelof said: "Now, it's a break (break) at the wrong time, because I feel like in the last few weeks that we have really improved and that we have good results and that we played better.

"Of course, we are sad about losing, but we know that we can do some good things. I can speak for myself, but now I want to play more games."

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