Warren Buffett says Jack Bog has more for the individual investor than anyone he is ever known


"He converted, in a 30-year period, a lot of people to the right religion of investing," added Omaha's oracle. "And this is a good religion.

Buffett, 88, has long been an admirer of Bogie because of his interest in sensitive long-term investing.

The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway have shared these words in Boglo in their readable annual letter to shareholders two years ago:

"If a statue is ever erected to honor the person who has done the most for American investors, the hands down choice should be Jack Bogel. For decades, Jack has urged investors to invest in ultra-low-cost index money." His crusade, he amassed only a tiny percentage of the wealth that typically flowed to managers who promised their investors great rewards while there was nothing at all – or, as in our bet, less than nothing – of added value. He was a memory to them, and to me. "He was a hero to them and to me.

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