Ubisoft uses new, post-nuclear apocalyps remote cree

Ubisoft has launched a new Far Cry project, with a short video released on Wednesday afternoon. Whether it is a full game or something else, its teaser makes it look like a straightforward follow-up too For Cry 5 – a change of trend for the franchises, whose previous entries have all been stand-alone games.

This trailer does not give us much to go on, and it promises to reveal a great deal later this week in the Game Awards, earning 6 December. But there are some major details hinted at to suggest this will include some … unconventional weapons.

[[[[Ed. Notices: The following contains spoofers for the end For Cry 5.]

The first picture we see as a distinctly American farmed, surrounded by wheat fields and set off against mountains in the distance. It all looks pretty similar to the Hope County, Montana, setting that players explored in For Cry 5. This is, more or less, confirmed when we see a sudden IGO explosion, presumably the one set by the cult of Joseph Cid in one of For Cry 5Endings.

From there, all the idiocyst pictures melt as the wheat catches fire. A saw blade rushes past the camera and gets lodged in a tree. A sprained amount of time later, someone grabs the saw blade and puts it in a makeshift crossbow.

While none of this is particularly concrete, it is clear that this new Far Cry game is to look a bit more post-apocalyptic than the rest of the series. Whether this game will send players on a serious journey through the irradiated wastelands of post-nuclear Montana, or if it will go in a direction of syllable Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Should be shown when we see the full trailer on Thursday during the game awards. The show kick off at 8:30 pm. ET.

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