Twitch Star Ninja is turning off his camera while eating over Ramadan


Photo: Robert Reiners (Getty Images)

Streamers, like other humans, choose for some reason No, no Spend most of their day on the camera, have to eat. Most streamers casually snatch or have meals while streaming, adding to the sense that viewers are watching a regular person go about their daily routine. However, for Twitch's headband-wearing money king tiller "Ninja", it became a problem earlier this week due to Ramadan. "Brew," one viewer spoke. "I'm fasting." Others are alike with similar articles.

Those messages were sent on the first day of Ramadan, May 6. Ramadan is a Muslim holiday that celebrates the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. It lasts a month-year running from May 6 to June 3 – and includes a daily fast from dawn to sunset. There is no kakewalk. And so, when ninja started to eat on the first day of Ramadan, Muslim viewers couldn't help but experience some hunger pangs. Moments after the articles began to pour in, the ninja turned off his face, leaving only Fortnight On the screen.

"Sorry for the people who are doing Ramadan," he said. "I will certainly hide my screen whenever I eat for the rest of Ramadan."

So far he did it. Today, while Ninja is playing Fortnight With fellow streamers Denis "phase cloak" Lepore and Benjamin "Dlopuo" Lupo, the two asked him what he was eating. With his face off, the ninja refused to answer their questions.

"Don't want to talk about it," said Ninja. "David, Ramadan is going right now. I don't want to talk about food. That's why I'm hiding my comb."

He received A flood of support Thank goodness to Muslim fans for the past, with people in conversation and on Twitter.

"Tale respect," One fan Earlier this week. "I don't worry if he is the best player or not. He has to be the best streaming right now. I know it doesn't bother a lot of Muslims if he eats or not. We're ninja."

"This is so awesome to see that he took this into consideration," Said another Today. "Most people wouldn't think about this."

Ninja's track record is far from spotless, having wrapped a singer (for which he apologized) and controversially refusing the river with women. Still, this is an invisible admirable figure of the most famous streamer in the world.

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