Toddler still dies in the hot car at Burnaby, B.K.


A toddler was still left alone in a car for hours at Burnaby, B.K., a city of Mid-East of Vancouver.

Burnaby RCPM The 16-month-old boy was discovered unconscious in a car park at Inman Avenue and Kingsway at about 5:45 pm. PT on Thursday live metrotown, a dense commercial and residential area of ​​Burnaby.

The boy was taken to the hospital, but could not be restored.

Police are lying in the scene of a toddler's father and both parents are co-operating in the investigation. Not arrested.

Chief Supt. Daniel Burleigh called the incident an "extremely tragic event."

She said that the investigation is still in progress, and there are already officers in the process of interviewing witnesses, family members, neighborhood residents and anyone else in the area.

She did not share many details about the investigation, including who found the toddler or who made the 911 call, or just how many hours the child was in the car.

"There is absolutely heartbreaking," Burleigh said. "I can't imagine how the parents are coping."

She said the parents were supported by Victim Services and surrounded by friends and family.

Unseasibly warm

Burleigh emphasized the need for parents to be vigilant as temperatures rise over the next few days.

"Children are not removed at any point unattended in a vehicle. Make sure you've delivered them where they need to be delivered," Burleigh said.

"Was [in] A heat wave right now. Please do not leave your children unattended in a car. [at] No age. "

Most of B.C. Is now unsurpassed warm, with temperatures above 10 ° C above average in Vancouver Vancouver. The Mercury reached a high of 21.4 C in Vancouver International Airport on Thursday, according to Canada, and temperatures in Burnaby – several kilometers inland – are probably higher.

With direct sunlight, the temperature would probably have risen even higher in a car.

The bi Corona's service is also investigative.

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