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A "Friendly Rivalry" in a Survey Elementary School has resulted in more than 3,000 vaccine being donated to UNICEF Canada for children around the world

Kids Boost Immunity (Kby) is a Canadian sound platform designed to capture literacy about immunization in schools. The program, according to, is "designed to align with provincial curricula in science and social studies around various taps related to immunization and global health."

KBI was launched in April 2018. Kids boost immunity was piloted in BS. Before receiving funding from the Public Health Agency if Canada to expand in schools in the country for the 2019/2019 school year.

The program's site includes lesson plans that are paired with an online quiz.

Ian Roe, national manager of children's boost immunity, has the ability to earn one vaccine per quiz, but there is a catch.

"You have to get 80 per cent, and there is an incentive there for the kid – if they do not get 80 percent – back and do it again, but they have to do all the questions again," he said. "A lot of kids do that because they want to get the vaccine."

Students at Senator Reid Elementary in Northern Surrey have been working on the lessons plans and quizzes by Kids Boost Immunity since the beginning of the school year.

Until today, 127 students in Grades 5-7 have answered more than 50,000 questions and earned 3,144 children's vaccine.

Grade 6/7 teacher Chris Patey has started his class using the program and then challenged four other classes, including Tanis Filiatrault's grade 6/7 class.

"We're all like friendly revelries, we're all playing dabaleback together, all of us pick up the flag together, and we're very inclusive," Patty said.

Then he challenged a class of 5th grade.

"They end up taking the first place away from us, they came out of now," he said.

Petty has the program planned specifically around Grade 6 immunizations.

"We usually have to deal with this year, and they are always so afraid, we are trying to take the stigma away from getting a nasty needle or big shots by bringing some of the challenges that kids from other countries and adults of others Countries have to face, "Patty said.

"Once they appreciated it, they understood a little more that we were very privileged here to access."

Filiatraulsaid that once the students studying vaccinates would be donated, they are "super excited."

"That's one of the things that we've been loving about it, it helps them connect to the rest of the world, helping children in other countries who do not have the same health benefits and opportunities that we do." She said.

Are a "Predominated South Asian Region," said Patty, the teachers are "really aware of the fact that many of the kids and their families have come from situations in India, Pakistan and a number of Middle Eastern countries that do not have the The same kind of access to health care. "

"It really brings home to them saying, My cousins ​​do not have this. My cousin can not get this because they live in the village and doctors come to them once every month and then there is 1,000 people deep, "He said.

Filiatrault said that by Kby, students and teachers studying "1.5 million children standing every year due to preventional illness." She said that because the resources of the program provide evidence-based knowledge, "You know you can trust the information."

Cuby website says "Although immunization is widely regarded as a miracle of modern medicine, the spread of Misinformation Online has led some parents to jump to safe vaccine or to avoid immunizations altogether." As a result, the program has been developed "as part of a major effort to find new ways to counter disinformation on the Internet."

Rule said the program was "sort of referred away from the cross for quizzes."

"With so many of them online now from each passport imaginable (such as) what kind of throwing character are you? Take the quiz." This is a kind of knowledge for good, in a sense. & # 39;

A site on KBI website shows eight schools in the Seri School District are now participating in the program.

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