The Royal Family Christmas Decorations 2018

While some of us are still busy at home Extremely awful Totally gay and normal red trees at the White House, Buckingham Palace is busy covering the halls with Holly Bowls and being La-La-La-Extremely Extra About It.

The palace just went through the 2018 decor in the Marble Hall, which features an abundance of green Christmas trees (because the normal color tree should be)! And, of course, the trees are decorated with a bunch of crown and carriage ornaments, because apparently the queen's likes are super on the nose about the things.

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Watch the Bamayas's official video about their Christmas decorations right here.

…. and PS. If you're wondering how the royals celebrate the holidays this year gave the last "drama" among Prince Harry, Prince William, Megan Markle and Kate Middleton, they have a family together with the Queen! In other words: Feud? What is Fed?

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