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ONEPLUS 6T is officially, and given the number of leaks and rumors, it's probably exactly what you expected.

The original "T" guide is the first OnePlus device with a built-in fingerprint reader in memory, up to 256 GB of built-in memory, and – without a doubt the great disappointment of many – it is also to open headphones with a 3.5 mm jack in favor of audio via USB-C.

We've rounded up everything we know about OnePlus 6T. You can also view the full review of OnePlus 6T.

Date of issue
Following the disclosure of October 29, OnePlus 6T arrived in Blighty on November 6th.

OnePlus 6T is available in three versions; 6GB + 128GB, 8GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB. The price will start at 499 pounds, which will amount to 579 euros for the model of the highest specification.

You can subscribe to the handset with EE, with rates starting at £ 39 a month with a $ 50 advance payment that offers unlimited minutes in the UK, unlimited texts, and 1 GB data add-on.

On O2 you can order OnePlus 6T with prices starting from £ 36.31 per month with 1GB monthly data.

Vodafone also orders, with contracts for OnePlus 6T, starting with 42 pounds a month, with 29 pounds in advance, including 16 GB of data.

Here in Blighty you can buy OnePlus 6T from Amazon, Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis and OnePlus.

OnePlus 6T is also available for the first time in the United States, exclusively via the T-Mobile network.

Last news
At the beginning, OnePlus announced that the 6T will be available in black, and, er, black. However, as they have already suggested early rumors, it seems that a more colorful version could take place. As he noticed SlashLeaksAmazon Germany has briefly quoted the so-called version of Thunder Purple for € 580 and will start making orders after November 30.

The rest is unclear when OnePlus will officially launch the purple version, but at the beginning of this year it showed the red version of OnePlus 6 two months after the start of the phone.

29/10/18: OnePlus has introduced OnePlus 6T and it's probably exactly what you expected.

Improvements on OnePlus 6 incomplete OnePlus 6T has a built-in fingerprint scanner called it Unlock Screen. The scanner, located at the bottom of the 6.4in FHD + AMOLED scanner, allows users to unlock 6T by pressing their numbers on the screen.

This new technology means that the headset is slightly thicker and heavier than OnePlus 6, otherwise it remains largely unchanged; The 6T comes almost entirely from glass and will be available in Mirror Black and Midnight Black. However, OnePlus launched a controversial decision to open a 3.5mm headphone jack instead of choosing a sound via USB-C.

There is still no offer for IP certification, but OnePlus tells us that the headset is "waterproof for everyday use". This is also the first smartphone that is made with burner glass 6, which should be less inclined to excite its display.

While the screen size increased to 6T, albeit slightly, the size of the notch did the opposite. Now it is at the top of the screen slim-down down, which feeds the camera 16MP front-facing camera, which handset 86 percent is the ratio between the screen and the body.

On the reverse side you will find the same dual lens with 16MP + 20MP as for OnePlus 6. There are some improvements on the software page, although with the OnePlus you will have a headset with recorded AI features, improved portrait mode and better low-light shooting options.

And below it you will find the Qualcomm 10nm Snapdragon 845 processor, paired with 6GB or 8GB of RAM. There is also a larger battery below 3.700 mAh under the cap, 20 percent larger than 3.300 mAh battery inside OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6T will ship with Google OS Android Pie from the box, which will only barely touch the skin of OxygenOS skin at the top.

29/10/18: We are only an hour away from the official discovery of OnePlus 6T, and, er, we are not sure what remains for OnePlus to tell us. Weekend, Twitter user @ IshanAgarwal24 has published what he claimed to be a perfect sheet (below) for the leading brand that will soon start, along with a handful of official photographic photographs.

Leakage does not tell us much, we do not know, but "confirms" the 6.4in OLED display on the handset, the unchanged setting of the dual camera 16MP + 20MP, Android Pie OS and 3,700mAh battery.

26/10/18: The British trader MobileFun gave INQ dry on how much the OnePlus 6T will be in Blighty. They confirm that this is still the most demanding phone, the entry level model that comes with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM, the price will be 499 EUR without a SIM, compared to the initial price of 469 GBP OnePlus 6 .

The model, which has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space, according to the retailer's data is worth 529 dollars, and the 256 GB model is intended to purchase 579 euros.

25/10/18: Retail Behemoth Amazon will offer OnePlus 6T in the United Kingdom when it's on sale on November 6th. The shift, while great for OnePlus, is not a big surprise, as Amazon began accepting orders for OnePlus 6 earlier this month.

Co-founder Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, continues: "We've always seen great demand for OnePlus products in the United Kingdom, so we are pleased to work with – a partner with the same vision as us – to offer people a better choice . "

24/10/18: Thanks to its listing at Geekbench, we now know how OnePlus 6T – with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, is familiar with 8 GB of RAM. An unpublished phone earned a one-step result of 2.387 and a multi-stage result of 8.925. This largely corresponds to the Pixel 3 XL image, which in the multilingual test reached 8,393 points and in its result with a one-sided score reached 2,376 points.

23/10/18: The German salesman, Otto, has left everything that needs to be learned about OnePlus 6T, including its full specifications, and how much it will cost, in the currently deleted list after an accident.

The list shows that the OnePlus 6T sports a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen, a 2.8 GHz Snapdragon 845 processor with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM, a dual-lens camera system and a choice of 128 GB and 256 GB of storage space . It confirms that when it will be sold on November 6, the price of 6T will be € 579 (about £ 510)

22/10/18: CEO OnePlus Pete Lau shared the first official OnePlus 6T model (below).

Just a few days after Lauri released the postponed start of the phone, he shared a nightclip in the center of Shenzhen and said what he grossly translates into "bring his own filter". Figure 13MP does not reveal much about the 6T camera in terms of specifications, but it indicates that the headset will have a special night-time model similar to that found on Pixel 3 XL.

20/10/18: OnePlus 6T will now start on October 29, the company announced it would not cope with Apple's October 30, iPad and MacBook events. In a surprisingly honest announcement at the company's forum, CEO OnePlus Pete Lau explains that if the company falls in love with its original plans and introduced OnePlus 6T on October 30, "Apple would overshadow us."

While this is good news for tech journalists, it did not work well with OnePlus fans who bought tickets for the New York event, and in some cases flights and hotels. However, the company undertook to cover all costs.

"We will cover all costs that you may incur in order to change your plans. If you have to pay to move your flight, we have your back. The same applies to those who have booked a hotel or made other arrangements. all ticket owners who will help you. "

18/10/18: Thanksgiving MySmartPrice, now there is not much that we do not know about OnePlus 6T, thanks to a new report that reveals the price and configuration settings of the device.

Depending on the leak, the OnePlus 6T will be available in three versions: 6GB + 128GB, 8GB + 128GB and 8GB and 256GB. The base model will bring ₹ 37,999 (around £ 395), MySmartPrice claims, although it has already been rumored in the past that the leading product will be more expensive than the OnePlus 6 predecessor, thanks to the fingerprint sensor in the display.

While the headphones are expected to be more expensive, the USB-type headset type-C connector for up to 3.5 mm headphones will cost 8.95 €, making it one of the cheapest first-class headphone adapters on the market.

16/10/18: OnePlus, which is rebuilding the hype before the official launch of the OnePlus 6T, has lured the new user interface for its incoming leading brand.

In a post on the OnePlus forum, the company confuses some interesting new things on the front of the software, including "a completely new user interface that you will need to experience for real understanding."

While OnePlus 6 will continue to run Custom OxygenOS 6, the company – without identifying the specifics – confirms that its updated skin will provide "fast, smooth and no-load without any tricks". It warns that the speed of the navigation will be faster in relation to the work place and some adjustments to the user interface of the camera.

"We've done a lot of work to improve the camera for the scenes, so you can expect to get even better pictures," confuses OnePlus.

15/10/18: OnePlus 6T appeared at Geekbench just weeks before its official championship. List it marks WinFutureIt confirms – though not surprisingly – that the leading package will equip the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip with a maximum speed of 2.2 GHz, 8 GB of RAM and Google's Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

11/10/18: OnePlus gave some more details about the fingerprint sensor in the display, which was first available for OnePlus 6T, which confirms it will be optical and not ultrasonic. The company confirmed the details in a post on Weibo, which marks it GSMArena, which concludes that the decision may not be good for consumers. A website that uses optical sensors similar to Vivo Nex S, notes that scanners can often be slow and unreliable, and ultrasonic sensors are faster and more accurate.

4/10/18: Tickets began to be sold to launch OnePlus 6T at Pier 36 in New York. A secondary event will take place in India. OnePlus confirmed that the device is not available for sale, but would be seen and played with it, plus the date and price of the issue.

3/10/18: CEO OnePlus Pete Lau confirmed that OnePlus 6T is more expensive than its predecessor and that the fingerprint of mobile devices in the device is to blame. I'm talking CNET, Lau has shown that the technology, known officially as Screen Unlock, will halve the overall cost of the phone. He did not disclose the exact price of the OnePlus 6T, but the rumors claimed that about 20 pounds would be more expensive than OnePlus 6.

Lau had some bad news confirming that 6T will not show wireless charging. He said: "When we get to the day when wireless charging can reach the speed without the consequences of heat that we expect, then I believe we can integrate technology."

2/10/18: Official images (below) OnePlus 6T came online, which confirmed that the smartphone is small and small in color. Posted by WinFuture, high-res image images are equally well understood by the 6-camera sensor with 6-cameras, revealing early speculation to ensure the installation of the P20 Pro-triple-camera.

1/10/18: OnePlus squeezed another official teaser (below) for the incoming OnePlus 6T, which confirms that the scanning fingerprint in the handset and its screen from edge to edge are very fastened. A short video does not give much, but earlier rumors point to a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, the Snapdragon 845 internal and vertically-mounted dual camera.

27/9/18: The new OnePlus 6T megapixel device, which was used by @OnLeaks, shows the outgoing handset from all corners.

Pictures (over) and video 360 degrees (below) shared with MySmartPrice we confirm the OnePlus 6T support cap which sits on its 6.4in optical AMOLED display, which has a resolution of 1080×2340 and a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. It is also confirmed that the smartphone is equipped with a vertically-mounted 16MP + 20MP dual camera, a 3.5mm shortage earphones and, due to the lack of a physical sensor, its scanned fingerprint.

The most important point we have seen is that the handset will measure 8.2 mm thick (slightly thicker than OnePlus 6) and pack Snapdragon 845 CPU 2.8 GHz, Adreno 630 GPU and 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM associated with storage of 64 GB and 128 GB.

25/9/18: There is not much about the OnePlus 6T, although the Chinese phone maker is not so sophisticated as the tip. However, due to the new leak of Weibo, we can finally see how the handset looks like.

Pictures published on the Chinese social network (below) require them to display OnePlus 6T in their glory, along with a notch, similar to the Oppo R17 and the fingerprint sensor in the display.

However, before you go too excited, there are no screens at the back of your smartphone, nor any OnePlus logo that goes beyond the background of "Never Settle". And as he noticed Gizmodois a hole for what appears to be the headphone connector on the lower right-hand – despite the confirmation of OnePlus so that the device will be the first one to open the door 3.5 mm.

20/9/18: The official video for OnePlus 6T was supported by the fingerprint scanner of the incoming leader.

Video tape (below), starring actor Amitabh Bachchan, the ambassador of the company's trademark in India, is referring to a headphone sensor display confirmed by OnePlus to arrive at 6T earlier this month.

"We unlock our phones several times a day and the unlock screen reduces the number of steps to complete the campaign," said OnePlus employee.

"If you add this feature as an addition to other screen unlock options, such as unlocking faces, users will have the option to unlock the screen in the way that is most effective for them."

The clip also reveals speculation that OnePlus 6T will follow Samsun's newly announced Galaxy A7 by installing the last camera with a triple lens rather than displaying the dual rear camera on the headset.

The 15-second teaser is no longer big, but we already know that OnePlus 6T will be equipped with the Snapdragon 845 inside, a larger battery than the OnePlus 6 predecessor and, without a headphone jack.

13/9/18: OnePlus confirmed that OnePlus 6T will be its first smartphone to get the headphone jack.

In an interview with TechRadarOnePlus founder Carl Pei revealed that "the next OnePlus phone" will remove the 3.5 mm socket in favor of USB-C.

He said that the "controversial" decision was supported by the fact that nearly 60 percent of current owners of OnePlus already own wireless headphones.

"Our wireless headphones have already found 59 percent of our community this year – and this was before we started with Wireless Headset," he said.

And Pei claims that the company that removed the socket has released more space to put "new technologies" in the product, noting that 6T will offer a larger battery than the OnePlus 6 predecessor. This is probably also a tilt to the 6T fingerprint sensor in a display that was confirmed by OnePlus, which came in early this month.

"That [removing the headphone jack] it was a very controversial decision. We do not do this because we do it and everyone is left. We believe that now is the right time, since this will benefit most users, but at the same time it will be low. "

Luckily, Pei confirmed that OnePlus will be equipped with 3.5 mm USB-C, adapted in the box. And as the company let slip, in addition to the OnePlus 6T, there will also be new Type-C Bullet headsets that will cost £ 15.99 in the United Kingdom.

12/9/18: Doubtful website is on the OnePlus 6T list for pre-order before its October speech disclosure.

GizTop, the China-based online e-commerce website, blog-related GizmoChina, said the next generation OnePlus leader with $ 569 (about £ 440) price tag and claims that 6T will begin shipping on October 16th.

It also gives us a complete lowering of the headphone specifications, so if it's accurate, it's likely that OnePlus will not have many surprises in the store.

The phone will have a 6.4in 2340×1080 AMOLED display with a 91.6% screen-to-body ratio, according to GizTop, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, coupled with the Adreno 630 GPU.

The OnePlus 6T will also have three cameras on its back (20MP, 12MP and TOF 3D), a 25-meter front camera, 6GB 8GB RAM, 64GB / 128GB / 256GB, Google's Android 9.0 Pie OS and "light-sensitive fingers touch the sensor under the display ".

Of course, you would advise to take this leak with a bite of salt.

11/9/18: OnePlus confirmed that the incoming OnePlus 6T will be the first with a fingerprint sensor in the display.

I'm talking CNET, The company said that its implementation of the technology currently available in similar formats Vivo Nex and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS will be invariably marked with Screen Unlock.

"We unlock our phones several times a day, and Screen Unlock reduces the number of steps to complete the campaign," said OnePlus staff on the site, who said the technology was originally intended for the OnePlus 5T championship.

"If you add this feature as an addition to other screen unlock options, such as unlocking faces, users will have the option to unlock the screen in the way that is most effective for them."

In order to adapt to the new technology, the OnePlus 6T design will be slightly modified compared to its predecessor, with the incoming guiding unit slightly adjusted to the reorganized internal parts.

5/9/18: Far from your ever INQ to believe in everything we see in a blurry image, but this is a bit exciting.

The OnePlus 6T far does not mean a gradual change, as it seems that the 5T seems to be a completely new set of features that could really be annoying anyone who kidnapped OnePlus 6 a few months ago.

A picture of what should be the packaging from an upcoming device expected next month shows that 6T will behave with a fingerprint sensor and a "notch" that it designed to minimize the encroachment of the property.

The image that appeared on Weibo does not show a photo that immediately sounds alarm bells, but it's complicated enough to suggest that the fake is good if it's a fake.

After moving the fingerprint reader from front to back in the last few iterations, moving in the display itself would not only be for OnePlus, but for the mobile industry in general, according to the Galaxy Note 9 and the upcoming iPhone XS lineup, both views are not intended for the technology that was promised apparently forever.

We repeat this disclosure with a pinch of old calcium carbonate, but since this particular Weibo user is the previous one in implementing this, we will pull into the door and say that this is true. Maybe. Maybe. Ish.

Other specifications that we can expect include Android 9.0 Pie in the form of its Oxygen OS version,

Although officially not yet 6T, we expect this to be one month earlier, this time in October, so the January 15th date mentioned in the announcement is mysterious.

It could have been the exclusive carrier for the first time. In the past, O2 in the United Kingdom had non-exclusive rights, but rumors that T-Mobile is too much for the US, which could be exclusive. More news when we get it. μ

20/8/18: OnePlus 6T will be launched in October this year as the first smart phone company to be offered via the US network.

That's right CNET, which lists people familiar with startup plans, reports that the next leading version of the Chinese company "T" will be issued via the T-Mobile network in the United States.

T-Mobile would be the exclusive carrier for launching OnePlus in the US, selling the phone through its stores and website, CNET reports, while OnePlus will still sell the unlocked version of 6T via its website.

OnePlus reportedly signed a provisional agreement with the US carrier to see that the company will issue a "specific version of OnePlus 6T optimized for the T-Mobile network", which will include support for the operator's extended LTE technology.

The only hiccup could be given the necessary "technical approval" for use on the network, in accordance with CNETwhich could cause a delay in the start-up of the carrier.

Still, if the rumors are true, this will be one of the main reasons for OnePlus, which will no longer be working on the name itself because of its lack of support. The partnership with T-Mobile would ensure greater visibility of its product through direct sales already offered through its own retail channels.

The report does not tell us much about the OnePlus 6T, but notes that the handset will cost the same as the one-year predecessor of OnePlus 6. This means that you are likely to be able to buy a 64GB model for 419 pounds, 128GB and 256GB versions yielding 519 and 569 pounds, respectively.

Meanwhile CNET does not have a word on the specifications or headphone features, earlier rumors suggest that the OnePlus 6T will be the first smartphone in which Qualcomm will have the next Snapdragon 855 processor, while others claim that it could have a screen design with an all-around self-locking camera like Vivo Nex. μ

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