The group is launching a ticket to measure interest for the Halifax CFL team


The group, who wanted to add a little more color to their proposal on Wednesday to the team of the Canadian football league in Halifax, announced the name-team competition and an initial short list of names in order to reflect the regional nature of their offer.

Among the proposed names: Atlantic Admirals, Convoy, Storm and Schooners.

They will be considered in a competition that will be exclusively for those who apply while driving a season ticket aimed at assessing interest in franchise for the Atlantic Canada.

"The fans will be presented with many opportunities and opportunities to submit their name," said Anthony LeBlanc of the Maritime Football Partnership.

"We did not talk to the community and we got what we think is a short list, but we do not stand here, to say that this is one of those," LeBlanc said. "We may be blown away by some suggestions that go through the opportunity to write in your own name."

He said the team's name would be announced at the November event during the Greve Cup celebration in Edmonton.

Looking for a ticket base

The season ticket started immediately at Ticketmaster, said LeBlanc during a press conference in Halifax with the group partner Bruce Bowser and CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

Season tickets are $ 50 per package and place fans on the priority list for membership in season tickets and selecting seats based on the first, first served service.

Ambrosie said that the league does not have the minimum number of season tickets he wants to see.

"We have not set an artificial threshold for what we see as success," said Ambrosie. "We will look for Bruce and Anthony and Gary to help us understand their view of how successful a season tickets campaign is."

But LeBlanc said it's important to get a "good base for season tickets" to help fill the proposed stadium with 24,000 seats.

"It may be an artificial number, but I would like to see that we have at least half the building filled with season tickets and I think this is very achievable if you look over the league. It is up to us to do our job and go out and sell a vision … this is now an opportunity for people to take real action. "

Moncton is considered for the first season

Maritime Football is made up of former Arizona Coyotes co-owners LeBlanc and Gary Drummond together with Bowser, President of AMJ Campbell Van Lines. The group is striving to provide a conditional expansion franchise to start playing in Halifax in 2021.

"It will not be the end of the world if this happens annually," LeBlanc said, while revealing that a potential team could start the season at Moncton, NB, while the stadium was built in Halifax – a process he said, 18 to 22 months "when shovels are in the ground."

"We do not have any real definitive answers to that (Moncton)," LeBlanc said. "Such discussions will continue."

New CFL beads were photographed at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Stadium in Winnipeg on Thursday, May 24th. The campaign team for the preparation of the CFL team in Maritimes launched a promotion on Wednesday to establish a ticket database. (CANADIAN PRESS)

Efforts to land the team in Halifax, Canada's largest state, last month blamed a major obstacle after the regional council directed city officials to make a case study at the stadium's proposal.

The partners proposed Shannon Park, a free land on the east side of the Halifax port, as the city's stadium, and said the project, which ranged from $ 170 million to $ 190 million, needed public money.

While the financing model can become one of the more contentious issues related to the offer, LeBlanc said that the biggest blockade would be if his group did not make a good enough part of the "story sharing and sharing the plan" with the public.

"We are convinced that we will remove all blockades on the roads, but not, I do not expect it to be smooth at the end of the stadium," he said. "Maybe it's a ridge on this path."

Ambrosie said that CFL is ready to finally greet the tenth team in the league and wants it to be Halifax.

"We will do everything in our power to cross these last few obstacles so that we can reach the finish line," Ambrosie said.

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