The doom composer is recruiting a "heavy metal chore." Hamm, what could this be?


If you can get to Texas in March and you have rocks like rock, Dumb& # 39; s composer needs you.

Specifically, Mick Gordon is not specifically saying what this is for. But he needs an unholy heavy metal choir for a project that isn't exactly grammar Schmoom Schmeternal.

With this fine print, this is not a contest. It's an invitation. Candidates for the Antichrist Gil Club need to be 18, a demo of their "killer metal voice," and get down to Austin, Texas on their own nickel.

There is still a paid (for the recording session) and credited gig. No idea what size Chorus Gordon is looking for, but he wants women and men in it. The deadline for application is February 1, and the recording session will be the first week of March.

Just to be clear, even if Gordon isn't saying what this is about, he's appointed the composer Come on forever And the official news from Bethesda's E-3,2018 software says the game is getting an old soundtrack from it. Doubt he has a lot of time to get around on side projects right now.

Gordon is not sure if this has been done before, and as such, he has no experience of hiring a choir for this kind of health. It's not exactly the sort of thing you go down to Austin's first babydist and write a nice check for a new steeple. We will know if Gordon's gambit has ordered when Schmoom Schmeternal Later on this year's screaming.

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