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January 4, 2019 By Zachary Shahan

I started working in Tesla in 2012, coming to the company like someone who was machine-free for over a decade and loved it. I have previously worked to promote human power (bicycling and walking), mass transit, and sustainable development. In other words, I was No, no A car guy.

However, it was much to appreciate about electric cars, the beautiful model that Tesla has developed, and the technological innovations Elon Musk and team were used.

In addition, from my early work, I had to come to grips with one obvious day of modern life: even many people who would safely commute and would win it (who baked for fun, for example) would never stop driving. On a daily basis. If we are going to cut emissions, we need an electric car revolution. Tesla is clearly leading the way on that front. There was an award winning electric machine that demolished the gas & diesel competition in its vehicle class, the first-generation electric car, which is extremely competitive with similarly conventional cars.

Nevertheless, critics and skeptics are around every corner. I thought it was frosty, but now, after 6 ½ years of tremendous Tessla success, it's pretty hilarious. So, in honor of another bad cool quarter, here's a view of Tesla story you might have missed if you just read CleanTechnica:

In bold: what happened

Not bold: Tesla shorts & # 39; & obsessive Critics & # 39; Take on the news.

TESLA model unveiled

It's dumped. Tesla was damaged. Tesla cannot produce the machine. No one will buy it. Sales of 10,000-15,000 a year? Pff. For whom?

Tesla Model Z wins top awards from Consumer Reports, Owners, and Large Auto Magazines.

It does not matter – there are panel gaps and demand is drying up. They've been working by interested customers and demand is falling.

TESLA model grows demand, TESLA creates more production capacity and sales growth.

There is only one phase, as Tesla is a novelty, with much too much hype. Anyway, demand growth was all an illusion and is now fading. Demand is falling now. Oh.

Tesla model X approaching production.

Hahaha, no way in hell Tessla is producing this vehicle. It is impossible to produce masses. Tesla is going to collapse trying to produce this vehicle. It's a deadly company.

And anyway, demand for this "SUV" is far lower than Tesla says.

Tesla struggles with the first few months of model X production.

See, we told you. These vehicles cannot produce their mass. It is completely impossible. Tesla is dead any day, can't produce the model X and there's no demand and model that demand is falling.

Tesla gets rid of early hurdles and starts mass producing the X.


Tesla reaches annual production and sales of 100,000 models and model X vehicles a year (combined), far more than 30,000 to 35,000, the company initially forecast for these models.

It's all nonsensical hype. It is just far away. Anyway, Tesla is going to crash financially because it can't attract a profit and definitely can't build the ridiculous "Gigafactory" marketing scam. (Never note that Tesla can be made great profits – it has extremely high margins – and is not doing so just because it is geared towards insanely steady growth.)

Progress Tracking on Tesla Gigafactory.

It doesn't matter – Tesla won't have enough vehicles to make the Gigafactory sensible. It's a giant, empty house of cards and Ponzi Scheme that's going to take Tesla down. Don't worry – TESLA's won't even be here in 2016 – it'll be out of business.

TESLA forecasts a doubling of model and model X sales in 2016.

Hahaha – What are you, crazy? Who is going to want to buy all the vehicles? Demand is going in the other direction! The Tesla Fad is getting old and consumers are moving in other directions now. Building up this much production capacity is just about to catch Tesla's collapse.

Tesla does not make model 3. Reservations surpass 100,000 before the car is displayed, and then poorly displayed.

This is a Ponzi scheme[[[[This is a frequent claim]And Tesla will run out of money before ever building a single model 3 for consumers. Plus, the company cannot manufacture the machine as a vehicle without losing money and customers are not going to wait until 2020 for their cars. Other automakers – Really Automakers – Will have much better cars out before and Tesla will still be struggling to get the model 3 in production if the company is not dead. But yes, it will be dead long before.

Elon Musk indicates that the company's official purpose for starters is early July 1, 2017 – but there is only a fake target to push suppliers to be ready, and more or less impossible production would then begin … But suppliers need to be ready by then.

Hahaha, you've got to be kidding me! July 2017? More than July 2020 … or never!

It's all a scam. The market will see sooner or later.

Tesla actually starts delivering consumer vehicles in July 2017 – basically blowing everyone's mind.

These aren't real cars. It's all a trick. TESLA's delivering fraud, hand-built cars to TESLA and SpaceX employees. Elon Musk is more like David Copperfield as an auto industry master. The company will never produce the model 3. It will go bankrupt soon enough. Short camp now!

Tesla completes a few quarters trying to get model 3 production up to the targeted level. One production hickup after another slows down the progress and essentially puts Model 3 back on its original design.

Told you so. The sky is falling, and Tesla is running out of money and will be valid this day. Don't wait too long – short the camp now! See? We are right all the years.

Tesla keeps making progress in increasing its production capacity.

It's all a scam. They're shifting cars around from the parking lot to the parking lot. They have hard limits they can never pass to 5,000 units a week. #PaintShop

And demand is already starting to fall off. These cars are not even fully formed and customers will start back again. Plus, Tesla may never service these cars, and supercarriers are going to be completely clogged soon.

Tesla reaches 5,000 vehicles / week overseas.


Elon Musk says the company will benefit from the third quarter and should be profitable from then on.

What?!?!? Are you crazy? This is crazy talk. Tesla is collapsing. There is no way in hell this is accurate. It's a joke. This is a complete scam. Elon Musk loses his mind. All signs point to card house collapsing any day. It will all be over soon, folks – keep tight. (And don't forget to get your anti-TESLA bets in)

Production growth in TESLA, sales surge, and Tesla in Q3. Side note: Tesla Model 3 becomes one of the top selling cars in the country in terms of units sold and the # 1 best selling car in terms of revenue. Tesla is the dominant luxury car market, and probability of selling off Honda, Toyota and others as well.

It's all a blip. It is an accounting trick which has been multiplied by years of demand for the car. Demand is going to collapse now. The strongest quarter of sales is the surest sign after Tesla is about to crash, as demand cannot be sustained and Bills payable.

Tesla has recorded fourth quarter recordings, massively defeating criticism and achieving unprecedented growth in the automotive industry. In one year, the company nearly tripled its automobile production and delivery capacity. It sells 33% more cars in the 4th quarter than in 2017 combined. The Tesla Model 3 is the best selling car in the US. There. American car company and # 11 best selling car overall in 2018. On the back of the strong 4 square numbers, Tesla sold out 1 out of every 5 luxury cars in the country in 2018 and the model 3 accounted for 1 out of every 3 small & midsize luxury cars this year.

Now really clear: Tesla demand is falling. All of the above is history and now we know it Sure That model 3 demand is drying up and Tesla will soon be out of money as a result. The stock will fall by 70% in 2019. Forgotten our previous predictions and criticisms. Forgotten that we are consistently wrong for years and have claimed the sky was falling 1,000+ times and it never fell. We are right now. Oh. You'll see.

Is it any wonder why one does not take Tesla short sellers and over criticism seriously?

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