Tesla on Autopilot Drove 7 miles with Drunk Driver Sleeping

Tesla Autopilot works great as long as it is not abused. In the United States California a drunk driver got behind the wheel, began driving and put the car on autopilot, and actually fell asleep. Police noticed a slipping man behind the wheel, drove in front of the car and slowed down the car to a stop.

"One of the officers basically ended up in front of the vehicle and tried to slow down it," he said. A CHP spokesman stated, and it took about seven minutes for an officer pursuing the vehicle to get it to pull over. The officer said that it took a while to wake up the driver. Once they were done, they drove him to a local gas station where he was a careful test. California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Art Montel added:

"It's great that we have this technology; however, we need to remind people that … even if the technology is available, they need to make sure they know they are responsible for maintaining the control of the vehicle,"

When activating the autopilot feature, Tesla reminds drivers that they are responsible for the vehicle and they need to be ready to take control over the whole time.

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