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Published on December 8, 2018 |
By Zahari Shahan

December 8, 2018 By Zachary Shahan

No one outside of Tesla knows Tesla's clear, definite, official monthly sales figures. No one outside Tesla knows the global figures let alone the US. It. However, one thing is clear – Tesla is completely crushing the competition in the Midsize luxury car segment.

Actually, even combining the small & midsizes luxury car segments and combining models in the segments of the various luxury automakers, Tesla is King. Let's look at 10 charts to explore the November numbers for other brands and estimates for Tesla (and Jaguar).

Just look at this model vs. Model Chart, it is clear the model 3 does not belong. Some will say it's all about Tesla's long list of reservations. But there's more to it than that. Shop Go Ins, word of mouth, and people just looking for a good car must pay for the models of the model 3 sales. It is the safest car, quickest car in its price range, coolest car, and most autonomous car somewhere near a Mercedes C Class or BMW 5 Series. My question remains the same as in previous months: Why would anyone buy any of the other cars on this list?

Here's another way to look at the numbers. Who does not like pie? (Oh, I'm not a huge fan, but do not get in that.) That Big Chuck of Reading represents 28% of the small and midsize luxury car segments in the US. As long as the estimate is true, 1 out of every 4 car sales in these segments is the sale of a Tesla Model 3 in November. Shocking … if it did not make so much sense.

As in previous months, I think it actually makes more sense to combine the various small and mid-size models for each of the brands. After all, Tesla has only one machine in this general chain. The competition should not be shamed only because they have more differentiation and choice. Even so, the 28% market share does not change, and the model 3 remains on top – by far.

This is the same competition, but I find it so fun to jump between January and November sales that I created a chart just for that.

And here's a third version of this chart, if you want to slowly or quickly click through each month of the year and watch the Tesla Model 3's rise by 11 months.

Just pull out the 11 most popular luxury cars in the country (which happens to include the Tesla Model at # 11), this is another fun way to observe this trend. In fact, is there any way to involve the trend that is not fun?

You could think here that you've seen a repeat from the first chart above. Look more closely. This is January-by-November sales for the various small and midsize luxury cars in the US. I almost find it the most interesting chart of all. It provides context. It's not just about November sales or quarterly sales – look at the full 11 months. Perhaps it's easy for critique, skeptics, and trolls to write off a month of skyrocketing sales, but when the model 3 dominates the market over the course of a year, there is something else. We will see how things look like we get official Q4 Sales from Tesla. ?

If we're going to talk about the perspective, though, I think we have to bring in the even more car sales. Over all cars in the US. There are only two luxury cars to make it the top 20 list for November. That's # 17 Mercedes CL-Class and the # 6 (or so) Tesla Model 3. Not that much next to the top.

Again, year-to-date sales are even more useful, but the model 3 still sits in the # 11 place. As a forecast last month, I think the small electric giant will end up in the # 10 position – or even # 9, but I do not want to be too careless.

This is probably the most fun of all. Watch the Model 3 promotion in the competition with the most popular cars in the United States. It's exciting. But what's most motivating about this chart is that it seems it is building to a top position – or at least top 3 – that is still to come. Stay Tuned To CleanTechnica To watch the impossible to be achieved, and put in a proper, useful, sometimes even thrilling storyline.

Note that our monthly estimates for Tesla Model 3 sales are based on approximately half a dozen different sources and discretionary statements from Tesla. We feel confident in the general estimates, but as noted, they are not official figures leaked by someone inside Tesla or anything like that.

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