Suspended Legislature Officials maintain innocence, renewal calls for reinstatement


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Published Monday, November 26, 2018 8:56 AM PST

Last Update Monday, November 26, 2018 2:03 PM PST

Almost a week after they were suddenly suspended from their duties, the Legislative Assembly Lust and Surgery-in-arms. They still have no idea what they are involved by the RCMP.

"Although it is impossible to deny what you do not know, I firmly say that I do nothing wrong and that I'm sure that an independent investigation is now under way with the RCMP will clear me from any bad fault" Sergei-in-arms Geri Lenz Told reporters Monday.

Insurance general Mike Moore put forward a movement Tuesday that he and Clerk of the House Craig James will be put on administrative off. Both were escorted out of the building, James by a Victoria police officer.

Jacob said he could not understand why he was worried about what I did in the management of the legislative Assembly, which would switch my being away from my office.

"I'm left in the position of not being able to respond because no one told me what the allegations were or asked for my side of the story," he added.

The central officials both supported the investigation and will co-operate with the RCMP, but want to get back to work in the meantime.

In a frosting letter sent to the leaders of Friday, James and Len's teachers were asked to be their clients to put on active duty, citing a "absence of cargo facts" to prove that they could not do their jobs while the investigation was ongoing.

"If there is something specific in the facts allegedly brought to light in the case that makes it impossible for Mr. James or Mr. Lenz to carry their duties, the only way that the wrongs now unfolding from the passage of the movement can be mediocre pending the Outcome of the investigation, and public confidence in health, is for the movement to be resinided, "the letter read.

James and Lenz renewed the calls Monday.

"There are processes in place to perform permanent offices such as the Sergeant and the official," said Lenz. "I want to mention that MLLs consider rescinding the movement and reinforcing me and my colleagues … Craig James to our position pending the outcome of any investigation currently being avoided."

James, who was the official in 2011, moved as a "practical person", who had difficulty withdrawing from Speaker Daril Plecas or one of those who knew the suspension.

"I have no relief to anyone involved in this trial," he said. "I consider the members to be friends and colleagues, and I have a strong relationship over the over 30 years I have worked in the Legislature."

On Wednesday, Special Adviser to Placas, Alan Milán, confirmed the allegations against the official and sergeant-in-arms day ago until at least January.

According to the Bc. Prosecutor Service, two special prosecutors were appointed to this case after a request from the RCMP on September 28. Days later, David Batcher and Brock Marland were appointed to provide police with legal advice during the investigation.

In Friday's letter, however, atomnist of fast Martin Domulin said, "The rapporteur does not have a constitutional authority to perform an investigation of the Legislative Assembly or the Sergeant at Arms" and no authority to hire advisors To do so.

The letter has prompted the Liberals to issue a list of 11 questions The party said to be urgently later that day, including "the Ministry of Attorney General is aware of the counsel advising the Speaker, and having the ministry agree to the retainers From that lawyer? "

Brews have been dressed up under the Liberals, his first party, who claimed the recent suggests Mulan to serve as interim surgeon.

Opposition House leader Mary Pollack has decided to continue to James and Lenz at a meeting Monday night between you, Plecas, a lawyer and the NDP and Green House leaders.

A message signed by Polak says Pleskas "stated his wish" that Muhan be appointed acting surgeon at the arms, an interim position. Speaking to reporters Thursday morning, Polak called the proposal "Not appropriate."

Hour after the allegation was made, Mulan announced Penza has hired former lawyer general valley opal as a second advisor in the case.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Breanna Carsten-Smith and St. John the Alexander

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