Surveying service delayed by frozen trolley wires Tuesday morning

Several translation roots are delayed or delayed due to frozen trolley wires on Tuesday morning.

Service for most routes have since resumed, however, riders are being warned of delays and crowds and advised to leave for extra travel time.

Temperatures dropped to minus 2 overnight, causing some cables that provide power to pollinate buses across Vancouver to frozen. As a result, some routes – including the 9, 7, 14 and 16 – are temporarily delayed while diesel shuttles are put into place.

The 9 UBC / Boundary Saw Delays in both directions start just before 6 am. Built to Ice Build Only East of Commercial. There was no direct service from UBC to Boundary for some time, with diesel shuttles in place for the morning rush hour.

The 7 Dunbar / Nanaimo Station route also saw delays in both directions on ice build on wires along Nanaimo Street.

These 14 and 16 are also prohibited by frozen trolley wires early in the morning. Shuttles are also implemented for this route.

Several pollen roots are attached or delayed with frozen trolley wires on Tuesday morning. In November 1, 2018, a photo shoot, Translink Engineer Simon Agnev demonstrates some of the tire socks to be used during winter in buses during snowfall.

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According to Translate Johnson Spokesman Chris Brian, one of three de-icing tracks available a mechanical problem late Monday and as a result, the traffic authority went down a truck on Tuesday morning when tackling frozen trolley wires.

The real-time GPS alert system reviews were also a weekly weekly due to a technical issue of unclear data, although Bryan says Cravs are working "All through weekend" to test and get the bus-tracking system back online.

In the meantime, transit riders are advised to monitor Twitter for the most up-to-date alerts and for queries about specific service problems or routes.

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