Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & # 39; Player Recreates Iconic Marvel Studios Intro


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has only recently released but already the Nintendo Switch Fighter has shattered records in the gaming community. With Persona 5's Joker Discover Recently In The Game Awards, the Big N has proved that something is possible in the realm of Smash. What we say, we have no sweet Marvel character to enjoy (let's be honest, really sweet), but one player decided to combine the two franchises with an incredible fan-made video that recreates Marvel's iconic opening. Sequence.

Happy New Year to my favorite franchise of all time from R / Smashbros

For reference, if any, you never saw the original Marvel intro, you can compare the above video with the one at the top of this article. It has the same progressive feel of showcasing all our favorite fighters, and even ends up with the logo being presented in the most epic way possible. This video was honestly so good-done, we can't imagine how much work it does – but we are definitely impressed!

As for the game itself, it's just been a month out and there are tons of surprises lying on the horizon. If the community is already pumping out like this, we can't wait to see what else 2019 has in store!

The recent success is truly well-deserved with its incredible storyline, impressive list, and perfect nostalgia. As for the game itself, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about this title at our game hub here to learn more about updates, new features, and how to unlock your favorite fighters! You can also hit me over on Twitter @Dirty EffinHiPi!

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