Street Line damage sheets off heat to hundreds in eastern Ottawa


Gas and water are waiting to be recovered by midnight to more than 530 people in Atava's Hamlet and Innes Park neighborhood, the lifeguard for the area says.

The heat was off quickly after a gas night was damaged Thursday.

City workers are making repairs to water service at the same time Encryption is also working in the site, Innnes Council. Laura Dudas told CBC News when a contractor hit a gas line.

Hundreds of residents were without heat for most of Friday, David said, and some were also without water.

Stay warm, lifeguard urges

While gas and water should be restored by midnight, around 70 homes near the Orient Park Drive and Kellen Crescent are under water conservation, Dudas said.

Affected residents will be contacted by Ottawa Public Health, Dudas said. Water is safe for everyone else, she added.

The city has a shuttle between the Blackburn Hamlet Community Hall and the Warming Center, where end-of-life workers, Army of Salvation and Ottawa Public Health are available.

The shuttle will run until 10:30 pm, but the warming center will be open until 11 pm.

In this regard, Dudas urged residents to check on their neighbors in case they had not heard of the warming center.

"Hit your neighbors' doors, double-check that they are good, and make sure you provide this information to them so that everyone can get safe and warm this evening," David said.

The affected homes are on Autumn Hill Crescent, Braurburn site, Falkirk Crescent, Garden Park Lane, Greenway Park, Kelen Crescent, Orient Park Drive, and Rondel Street.

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