Stats – India savor a high not felt in 50 years


6 – Tests were won by India in Australia. This win is only a third in the country over the past 35 years. Their previous two arrived in Perth (January 2008) and Adelaide (December 2003). The first three wins came on successive tours of 1977-78 (two) and 1980-81. India is the only collective win in Adelaide twice since 2000.

India recorded their Sixth Test in Australia ESPNcricinfo Ltd

1 – This is the first time India won the first test of an Australian tour. On Previous times, they either escaped with a pull (2) or stumbled to a loss (9). India winning opening Tests on overseas tours is a rarity. They have it once in England (Lord's 1986), once in South Africa (Jo burg 2006), three times in New Zealand and twice in Western Indies (both the decade).

0 – No Australian side has successfully carried out 200-plus targets in adelaide in the past 100 years. They lost seven and pull eight tests in 15 tries. In fact, any team could lead to 200-plus targets against India over the last 10 years. The last time this was achieved when South Africa was in Cape Town in 2006-07. Since then, India has won 23 and pulled 11 out of 34 such tests.

2 – Twice in the last three seasons, Australia started your home summer with a defeat. That's India in 2018-19 and South Africa in 2016-17. For the three seasons, the last time they started home with a loss of 30 years ago, to West Indies.

31 – India's border of victory, their third-smoldering in terms of runs. Adelaide wins the 13-run win over Australia in Mumbai in 2004-05 and 28-run win over England in Eden Gardens in 1972-73. For Australia, this is their second-closest defeat at home since 2000.

3 – WINS for India still leave their first four wickets for less than 50 runs during first. This was the first time they left home. The other two wins were against West Indies in Chennai in 1974-75 and Australia in Mumbai in 2004-05.

1 – He became the first Indian – and Asian – captain to win at least one test in South Africa, England and Australia. He and his team achieved all the victories In 2018 – at walkers, Trent Bridge and Adelaide Oval. The only other year when India won three tests in a year outside the subcontinent was 1968, when they all had three tests in New Zealand.

11 – Catches taken by Rishabh Punt in the Test – the most-locked by a win. He ruled Jack Russell and Ab de Villiers and overthrew Werddihman Saha, which had 10 in Cape Town earlier this year.

35 – Catches in the test, a world record. It covers the 34th place in Cape Town earlier this year between Australia and South Africa. All 20 visits in the second innings of both sides were taken.

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