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Police say they have a man in custody after a police pursuit through the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Metro.

Surrey RCMP says they received a man-made White BMW sedan assault.

A police officer later pulled the vehicle over and the driver stopped, but RCMP said the vehicle had been reversed in a police cruiser and fled.

Police say they rotate the Highway 1 highway through Chilliwack, abolished and in langley because they believe the victim of the assault is still inside.

The mountaineers eventually tell them to use a spike belt across the highway to stop this vehicle.

A passenger in the car is found safe, and police say the driver remains in custody and is entitled to appear in court on Friday.


BC spka donations supporting abused and homeless animals were stolen from a branch in Port Albany just days after Christmas.

"There is significant damage to an exterior window, two interior windows and an interior door," says branch manager Kalei Pooh.

Tenderly, no animals were harmful during the break-in, but thieves stole a safe with $ 700 at Christmas donations for animals. "

Spca staff transferred the animals to their care – two dogs, five cats and two kittens – to the Parswila spka while the building was clean and secured, but the animals are now back in Port Alberny and the branch has reopened.

"Those funds are urgently needed to provide shelter, veterinary care and rehabilitation for our community's most vulnerable and at-risk animals," Pou said.

RCPs are investigating.

January 4, 2019 / 12:19 PM | History:

Health Minister Adrian Dix says BC Taking a "long overdue step forward" to help lower-income households deduct the cost of prescription drugs.

Dix says deductibles and other payments have been eliminated for 240,000 families, meaning they no longer have to choose between paying for their medical needs or affording basics, such as food or shelter.

The Health Ministry says a three-year, $ 105 million program that took effect January. 1 ensures a family with a net annual income of $ 30,000 or less no longer pay a deductible for prescription drugs.

Before, families with net earnings between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 paid $ 300 to $ 600 in the deductibles before receiving drug coverage aid.

Revisions to the program also lower deductibles for households earning between $ 30,000 and $ 45,000, while some payments have been wiped out for low-income older and senior citizens. & # 39; s & # 39; It's smaller households made less than $ 14,000.

Previously, even a family earning just over $ 11,000 annually is required to spend $ 200 on prescriptions before Farmacare would start picking up the tab and Dicks calls the change "one of the most significant things" he has achieved since being minister when the NDP He came to power 18 months ago.

Details released by the Health Ministry of evidence have shown a link between low-income levels, detectives and decreased drug spending, indicating that families will abandon filling prescriptions because of the cost.

These changes, the first in the Farm Pharmacy since 2003, also prove B.K. Dedicated to the federal government's move to a national pharmacist program, it is not ready to wait for the results.

"I think in terms of the future of any national pharmacist program, it shows the kind of steps we need to take to make sure that, at a time when everything is less affordable, people don't have to make choices." And other essential services, "he told a news conference in Vancouver.


January 4, 2019 / 11:51 | History:

A defense lawyer for a man on trial for the murder of a 12-year-old girl in jail over 40 years ago says the crown relied on a false confession and failed to prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Patrick Angli told jurors in closing complaints at B.K. Supreme Court in Vancouver undercover police and promised Garry deal during a war operation in Ontario in 2014.

Hannah did not accept Monica Jack's first-degree murder in 1978.

Angli says undercover officers used a so-called great operation that led to his client's confession but the law recognizes that those targeted by such police practices can falsely confess to the crimes.

Angly says he found friends and family found in the alleged crime group he joined and was faced with losing his job.

However, the crown said he had a lot of friends and work, and he said he was a suspicious person who asked, if he was recorded before his confession, which was captured by A hidden video camera.

January 4, 2019 / 11:47 | History:

Extreme oil market volatility resulted in a price jump for four-cent liter gasoline at Metro Vancouver and an analyst predicts a further hike could arrive within days.

Maltese, an older petrol analyst at GasBuddy.com, says Vancouver residents will be "poster children" for what he expects to be a wild year for gas prices in Canada.

He says the Four-cent rise is the culmination of a series of events, including the explosion of the October natural gas pipeline and the unexpected maintenance shutdown of the Washington pipeline last month.

McTeague says traders are still rebounding at these events and have to cover gasoline demand in Oregon, Washington and South British Columbia, prompting the final hike and another boost from what it says may be a "penny or two" on Sunday.

Major Vancouver imports all of its fuel, additionally to its cost, but multigas says fuel taxes will also crawl into BS. April 1st.

He says the tax will add 3.3 cents to the price of a liter of fuel and make the Vancouver area the highest tax jurisdiction for fuel from any major North American city.

"You beat Montreal," says Maketagu. "There are several times when being No. 1 isn't such a big thing."

The Gasbuddy website pegged the average price of gas in Vancouver at about $ 1.31 a liter on Friday, well above average gas prices in several other Canadian cities. In Halifax, the average cost was 97.8 cents, while it was $ 1.11 a liter in Montreal. A liter of gas was just over $ 1 in Toronto and was at 90.6 cents in Calgary.

A written multi-statement analysis says the turbulent year ahead of prices in Canadian pumps, in part, among consumers over the US, is a looming trade war. There. And China, broxit, the status of global crude supplies and overall demand for oil products.

"Overall, the fuel prices in 2019 may expire to be more expensive than any year since 2014, helped in no small part by an increase in gas taxes and currency challenges," Analysis says.

January 4, 2019 / 11:46 | History:

Charges were laid against two people in which the police, Alge, is a targeted home-based shooting related to a personal dispute.

The men, aged 30 and 42, face some weapons-related charges each.

Police are alerted to the shooting on Wednesday night by 911 shots fired by Sharks.

There are no injuries.

The offices pulled over a vehicle in the area of ​​shooting that night and three people were arrested, but the third person was later released without charge.

An RCMP news release says they do not believe the shooting was connected to the band's gang in Vancouver.

January 4, 2019 / 7:49 | History:

Clean-up work is under the auspices of a Canadian Pacific train train stretching just East of Field, B.K., near the Alberta border.

CPR said in a statement that there were no injuries when 16 cars in the freight train departed on tracks around 11:10 am. MST, about eight kilometers east of the community.

The company says it is a mixed-manifest freight, meaning a variety of commodities were involved, but there were no hazardous goods involved.

Craves reached the region Thursday evening but there is no immediate word on how long it will be before the scene is cleared.

CPR Rail says it is the redirecting of rail traffic.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the distraction.

Alanna Kelly


Rain, wind, snow and winter storm warnings have been raised for all southern BC. After a powerful system swept across the province, flooding or snow-clogged roads in the wake.

On Vancouver Island, torrential downpours have been spending weeks or high-flow flood advisers for several waterways and the destination also prompted a boating water advisory for all users of the Como Valley Valley system including residents of Courtenay and Como.

The Comoox Valley Regional District says in a news release that severe rainfall has caused turbidridide levels to rise above the trash trolley in a back-up pump station, triggering the need for boiling water.

Canada's Environmental Day says the two-day storm descends as much as 100 rainforest militias in Port Albany and parts of Eastern Vancouver Island, equivalent to a complete month of rainfall, while more than 50 militants left at Vancouver International Airport on Thursday.

In the mountains, Avalanche Canada says heavy snow has created a "high" possibility of slides on southern shore and Vancouver Island mountains, and most of the eastern and southern coastal cities, meaning very dangerous avalanche conditions exist.

With files of Canadian press


Avalante Canada is warning inexperienced backpackers to stay away this weekend.

A critical storm swept at B.K. Thursday, creating a high avalanche danger. The Most Highway 1 between Revelstoke and Golden is closed most of the day for avalanche control.

Avalante Forecaster, Grant Heather says that large natural awards are expected.

"Reveloke is the heart of the Columbia mountains, and … you see high (danger) in all the height bands in the zone," he said.

Heleson says the danger is hard to see for the uninitiated.

The high avalanche rating is expected to shift considerably this weekend, but that's when people are more likely to get into trouble.

"As folks are looking to head out the mountains this weekend, it's going to be a tricky time," he said. "Significantly, when we have the most avalanche incidents and fatalities."

Human-triggered avalanches are likely in these conditions.

"It's going to take time for the snowpack to adapt to all this new snow and wind," Helson said. "This is going to be a tricky weekend for managing avalanche hazard across the province."

Outdoor enthusiasts need to "make relatively conservative decisions, take small bites, top-fingers in lavish terrain if they have the skills and experience to do so, and really feel the snowpack is hiding under your skis or sleds," said Heleson.

For conditions updates, check this link.


The Trans-Canadian highway is now open to one lane alternating traffic west of Field.

The highway is locked due to a vehicle incident for several hours. Traffic backed up If you're traveling to Alberta you are advised to expect delays.

Environment Canada has also lifted all weather warnings and advisors from 7 am. Friday morning.


The Trans-Canadian highway is closed in both directions due to a vehicle incident west of Field.

The Unclosed Vehicle incident is among the western shore of Iho National Park and Field RD for 26.0 km. Emergency crews are on stage and an assessment is underway.

Environment Canada has lifted the weather warnings for Rogers Pass but the Highway 3 warning – Paulson Summit to Coachenay Pass – remains and hazardous winter conditions are expected.

The recent remnants of a strong Pacific frontal system will be moving through the Paulson Summit to Cohenay Pass area. Full snow accumulations of 25 to 35 cm can be expected by mid-morning before the snow rushes.

Fast snow accumulation will make travel difficult. Prepare for fast changing and deteriorating travel conditions. Visibility can be suddenly reduced in times of heavy snow.

Weather in the mountains can change suddenly resulting in hazardous driving conditions.

A trampoline park has apologized after refusing entry to a boy's service dog in langley.

Danica Dut took her brother, Chi Chand, to Extreme Air Park on Wednesday, but they were turned off because of his dog, Rosie. Kai, 11, has otism, and Rosie is a registered service animal.

"I explained to her," Oh no, the dog is going to sit with me in the waiting area, "Dut Told CTV News," and she says, "No, your dog is not allowed. "

Dut said staff did not look at their paperwork and offered a credit, but not a refund. "But what good is a credit when Cai's service dog is denied access?" She posted on Facebook.

The incident brought CAI to tears.

The boy came to pick up the dog, and his day was not ruined, but Dut said the incident "broke my heart."

"When he gets over-stressed, he self-hurts and screams and cries, and having the dog there can only give him a moment to step back and get some relief," she explained.

"It was just kind of mind blowing that they would turn them off and not repay their money," said his mother.

The BC and Alberta Guide Dogs organization is following with the company.

"Wherever the public has access or is paying to go in is a public domain by definition, and the dogs are allowed to enter the building," explains Willem Willson.

Cai's sister says she received an apology from the company through social media and a yearly free access proposal.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

You think you're losing.

The UK Lottery Corporation said Thursday is to claim a one-year-old, million-dollar winning Lotto 649 with no one claiming the prize.

The ticket was bought in Victoria on January 3, 2018, and expired yesterday at 4:30 pm, CTV News reports.

Over the past 10 years, $ 6.2 million in potential winnings is now unclaimed, says BCLC.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

Details are waiting soon for a possible second route around the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island.

The notoriously dangerous route, which is the only highway north of Victoria, was the scene of numerous crashes on the shore when the highway was shut down.

The Ministry of Transportation says it is working with stakeholders and expects to share more details in the "very near future," CTV News reports.

This past fall, Transport Minister Claire Trenca directed the staff to explore the viability of a second emergency route.

Crushing last year closed the highway for up to 11 hours, leaving the Mill at Prom as the only option, but the ferry speeded out, leaving thousands of drivers stranded.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island

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