See the Sun's North Pole in this eerie photograph

Artificial Proba -2 View of the Solar North Pole (Photo Credit: European Space Agency (ESA) / Royal Observatory of Belgium)

Starring in the sun does not end well, but the European Space Agency (ESA) gave us a talent with the North Pole's North Pole.

On Monday, the ESA sends the image to a blog post, which is an artificial probba-2 view of the solar north pole. The photo shows the sun's creepy north pole as a pitch black area surrounded by a glowing golden circle.

According to EAA, the Nasa / Esa Ulysses mission has captured a different width of the sun until it is completed in 2009. Since then, there is not much exploration of the Polish's son. Due to a lack of photographed data, scientists have to put together pictures of the son's polar regions, including the artificial sample -2 image above.

Esa is valid to explain how the image uses the lowest temperature probba-2 satellite observation of the sun to recreate an artificial view of the pole. The Poles can not be seen by us, but Spacecraft can collect data on the atmosphere around the Sunshine shine. Scientists then picture the son's main disc and take small amounts of data from the outer and upper regions of the sun while it rotates. Together, the bits of data can be combined together to create a picture of what the Sun's Polish may look like in place.

However, the picture is not only for enjoying pleasure. An artificial view of the Sun's northern pole could give clues to coronal holes and ejections that influence site weather beyond Earth. In 2020, ESA's solar orbital spacecraft will continue to explore the sun's polar regions and its magnetic field impact may affect its interstellar atmosphere.

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