Satisfied? Not your Raptors, even after a historic trip 4-0


SACRAMENTO – travel with the 4-0 route was not exactly good. It was historic. And while the Raptors did not spit on the achievement, it's clear that this is not nearly as good as they believe they can be. "It's just four victories," said Kyle Lowry on the first road trip of four or more games in the history of the team. He broke it with shoulder cancer. So nothing like that, is it? "Come on," Lowry said. "Nothing special". He then looked after the break and knowledge: "Bigger Picture". This was briefly responded by most of everyone in this team after having learned something that had not been done in 23 previous seasons. But far from disrespecting this venture, this speaks to Raptors' inner expectations. In the wardrobe, they are not really so enthusiastic about the way they play on this trip with a victory over Phoenix, Lakers, Utah and Thursday night. "Just find the way," said Fred VanVleet. make the whole trip an appropriate theme. "None of these (wins) was not particularly beautiful, except Lakers' game, and also in the second half, we (let's have) run. But it's just a game. You find a way to win. I think that each of the four The games are different in themselves. They speak of the versatility and caliber of the team that we have. "But satisfied? Not this group. "I think we were lucky to come out with this," said shooter Danny Green. "You look up and down the rope, I think that the only thing we've overcome them has grown out again, but that's a good sign for us. It shows how good this group is. Even though it was a bad night for us, we they could be grounded and come out of the race. "Again, there was something that they did in Phoenix, and after the rather terrible first quarter of Utah before they boarded the boat. According to Greene, he is considered one of the better analysts in the club, the previous record 11-1 is just a sign that Raptors can be. The last thing he wants is that everyone in the room accepts this start of the season as a confirmation that Raptors, even if they took the best NBA record on Friday, of all the others. "Every other team is still trying to figure out," said Green. "There are not many teams back. I think that in the past year we have a good group of people with some supplements that make it easier, but I want to see how we are when we are 100% healthy. "The health was pretty shorter for this group all season. There are already five players – Delon Wright, VanVleet, Kawhi Leonard, Norm Powell and C.J .. Miles – missed time due to injury and sixth place in OG Anunoby, who missed two games due to personal problems. "Two steps forward, one step back, are not you?" VanVleet said. "You just want to go ahead and continue the transition. I think I had a good game in Utah, OG looked good in the last few games, and of course Kawhi will take some time. I mean, when (missed games) But 25 (points) and 10 (actually 11 jumps) can probably do it in the sleep. "This, as we said in preseason, it will take a long time, but 10 and 11 games, you begin to see flashlights and the following 10 that you are trying to build on what you've done for the past 10 years, "VanVleet said. Head coach Nick Nurse is basically unreasonable with the results he gets, given how much he still has to do with this team. this team is not near its climax. "I would say that 35% of our defense schemes are not yet, and our attack is about the same," said the sister. "There are many things to come out and a lot of things we still want try to see if they can be effective later. "Then there is the question of Kawhia Leonard, which we have seen so far i, and the one that we can expect when the season continues. Leonard suggests that scarcely scratches the surface yet. "We have a lot of potential," he said after the first game after two consecutive absences due to leg injury. "I think we can still improve. It's not our ceiling with me, nor do they know some crime. Kyle is mostly in the game. Controls the ball and the pace. When I begin to learn the offense, I can even give him a little bit of relief and leave him easier to score, even though he is playing well right now. They lead us to victory. "Some of us, I just said, still do not know how the crime was committed," added Leonard, who slightly reduced his role. "With this we have the potential. Only a few of our defense, I think that we could talk more, rotations. I mean, you can see the mistakes out there with me and Kyle or other guys on the ground. Only our chemistry. "But it's still early," he added. "We still have a lot of potential. We can be sure of where we are, but we still have to have some kind of fear before us to know that boys can beat us. Just think about how to improve, because we do not want it (above). We want to be the best team. "All this after the best travel in the history of the franchise. Master the Raptors fans. The ride is just starting. RED FEAT, INDEED Without a doubt, Raptors want more, and on Friday at the wardrobe, there was at least one conversation that actually confirmed their recent success. Four consecutive victories on a four-way tour may not be uncommon, but this is not so common in the NBA. "It's really hard, very hard," said Fred VanVleet, when he asked how difficult it was to get the perfect path. "I and Danny (Green) have just talked about this. It's very rare that you see this for teams from both conferences. (West) teams do not go insignificant on their eastern shores, but the eastern team does not go to the west coast. just something to make the league almost expect to drop one or two.This is something to reach its hat. "Green has been in some very good teams in his 10 NBA seasons, including the championship of the year with San Antonio Spurs in 2014. That was also rare for him. "As long as I've played, I do not think I did it earlier," Green said. "Even in San Antonio there were not many times to go on an unforgettable trip, especially three or more games."

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