Royal Bank of Canada rolls out Robbo-advisor platform across Canada


Toronto – Royal Bank of Canada has rolled out its robo-advisor platform across the country as demand grows for low-cost, digital investing options.

The bank launched InvestEase last November on a pilot base in three provinces, but it has now officially opened the service to new and existing customers across Canada.

The national rollout comes as a competition in the Robo-Adviser site between both incumbent banks and finetech startup hits up.

Toronto-Dominion Bank recently partnered with the company's hydrogen company to launch its own Robo-Guidance product, and the Bank of Montreal launched its SmartFolio Digital Investing Platform back in 2016.

Meanwhile, ROO-Adviser WealthSimple now has approximately 100,000 clients in Canada, It. And the US It. And manages more than $ 2.5 billion in assets.

RBC Investissease Senior Director of Strategy Rebecca Peacock says the platform was developed to cater to the "growing middle" segment of clients who want investment advice but do it all online.

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