Researchers develop app that can test for anemia using a single photo

Anemia is one of the most common blood diseases in the world where it was estimated that it affects about 2,000 people in the workplace. For those unfamiliar, it is basically where a person salts red blood cells or hemoglobin, and as a result some of the symptoms (which do not necessarily apply to the disease) include fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and so on.

Before testing for anemia, patients have to take an invasion blood test to determine what their hemoglobin levels are, but thanks to the researchers at Emory University, they have created a cross-platform mobile app (9to 5Mac) Try for anemia with a single photo of your fingernails.

Basically the app will crack a photo of your fingernails. Users are then asked to point out where their fingernails are in the photo, and the app then analyzes it. It will be smart enough where it will be able to disable camera flash, and based on the color of your nails, then you can tell your hemoglobin levels, which you can use to determine if you have an anemia.

Of course, this test does not necessarily guarantee that you have anemia, but how quickly it works and how non-invasive it is, it makes it easier for people to go to the home to determine if they should see a doctor. Unfortunately, the app is not available to the public at the moment, and whether or not it will be seen.

Given how it is an interest in developing accessory and non-environmental medical devices, we would not be surprised if companies like Apple would want to include such a feature in its iPhone in the future.

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