Prince William reveals that he wants the Delaware Charles to see more of his grandchildren


Prince William would like his working father to spend more time with his grandchildren, he uncovered a documentary film that was announced for Charles Prince's 70th birthday.

The Prince of Wales was described as a "brilliant" grandfather who spends hours while crawling on the floor and reading Harry Potter's books among the voices of signs.

However, Charles may sometimes worry about his commitment and focuses on work, as his sons show that sometimes he is sleeping with documents that have stuck on his face.

Prince William said: "When he's there, he's brilliant," but "we need him there as much as possible."

Asked if Charles had time to become his grandfather over his other duties, Duke Cambridge says: "This is something I do more strongly, so to speak.

The Duke and the Duke of Cambridge with their children (PA Wire / PA images)

"I think he has enough time to do this, but I would like more time with the kids.

The Duke of Cambridge said that Prince of Wales wants to spend more time with his grandchildren (PA Archive / PA Image)

"Now he has reached his 70th year, because it's a perfect time to get a little stronger because, as most families would do, he would care to surround them and make sure that their health is fine – and he is the most suitable person , which I know is fit until it's 95. "

Prince William added: "If you had more time with him at home, you would be cute and you could play with your grandchildren."

Prince Charles is greeted by the grandchildren of the Duke of Cornwall (PA Archive / PA paintings)

The Army's army also gave Charles the role of grandfather and said that her five grandchildren "completely adore" him.

A documentary shows the touching of Prince Prince's prince, Louise, and in the other, one sees how she spins around a girl who thought she was one of Camilla grandchildren.

In the Charles family, the image of an heir on the throne portrays a compassionate man who wants to help the circumstances around him but is intended to achieve these goals.

The new documentary will be interesting for scenes in the life of Prince Charles (BBC)

His son, Duke of Sussex, says: "You have to slow down, this is a man who has dinner funny late at night.

"Then he goes to his desk and sleeps on his notes to the point where he wakes up with a piece of paper that faces his face."

This image of a helpless working prince is something that was obvious when his sons were boys, Harry adds: "A man never stops.

"I mean, when we were kids, there were bags and bags and work bags that were just sent by the office.

"You could hardly come to your desk to tell him that tonight he is good."

Prince, son and successor: Charles At 70 will be on Thursday at 9 pm on BBC One.

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