Pixel 3 Night Sit vs Mat 20 Pro Night Mode

Arguably two of the very best night photographic modes on any devices currently available are Google's Night Sight and Huawei's Night Mode. The men's champion had to look at the pixel 3 and pixel 3XL night vision, but that does not mean the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The camera is a slot. Night mode on the mat 20 Pro is very impressive in its own right.

A worryingly disappointing aspect of the whole test is just as unlikely it is for US. It. It's all about seeing a Huawei-made handset. The US It. Government clearly is not a fan of the Chinese manufacturer after imposing additional sanctions on products from the Eastern tech giant.

Once again, I'm going to the cold dirt roads of lions here in the UK to try and catch some great pictures in the darkness to really give you an indication of what the cameras are capable. Just to repeat, you can get much better results than what I have managed to do here (I took some pretty bad photos, which did not make the view).

Another note before you make your mind up, the results can be improved by just using a tripod. Getting your smartphone on a camera tripod increases the stability, as every camera mode has recognized when you mount, so elongate the exposure even more. What results in a higher nighttime photos, which is a massive bonus.

Having some experience with both night-shooting modes on each camera is a huge bonus too, as I have an idea of ​​how each would be beautiful for every shot. There are some interesting results here that give you a real-life indication of the differences between both cameras.

Test one

Huawei Mat 20 Pro: Auto Mode, Night Mode

When you get the hard settings out of the way first, the mat 20 Pro has a slightly more exposed length when handled as the pixel 3. It can be considered an advantage, but it really depends on how well the device can use the extra exposure Length.

You can see that the mat 20 pro does a good job with this long exposure. Reveling the skate park and the night sky above. I'm saying that the overall tone is very cold, but there is a very visual effect on the Huawei phone in the dark conditions.

There are not tons of detail but what we have to work with initially, I think that Huawei wants to handle slightly better than the pixel in my experience with both smartphones.

Pixel 3XL: Auto Mode, Night Sight

Just looking at a tonight of the night sights shot, I think it feels more varied, more enticing, and finally sharper. The dark gaskets in the back of the picture are almost brought to life, adding an extra layer of color that the mat 20 pro is strongly missing.

There is a tough decision to decide between the two and no doubt come down to a personal preference. Overall, the Pixel 3 Night Sight has picked up a rather decent level of more detail than the night mode on the Huawei.

Test Two

Huawei Mat 20 Pro: Auto Mode, Night Mode

Again, the Huawi Mat 20 Pro does a great job in collecting all extra light but it is not the massive difference you would expect. I would say it all, that Stelly, cold look again, although there is a lot of orange street lighting.

I am impressed with the extra depth that is shown in the far distance, including the red lights picked up despite being at least a couple of miles away from where I took the picture. The gel from the houseboat does look a little washed out though, how does the green.

Pixel 3XL: Auto Mode, Night Sight

The pixel brings the rich colors back to night photos with this houseboat. Sincerely rich greens and even the reflections on the channel look much more detailed. I would say that this is a sharper picture overall, but the lighting creates hot spots that are a little disappointed.

I love the skyline being a deep purple-blue color too while simultaneously in the far distance the red lights atop the crane are unveiled just a tad better than what the mat 20 pro was able to achieve.

Test Three

Huawei Mat 20 Pro: Auto Mode, Night Mode

These changes do not have to be so drastic with both camera modes. As you can see, subtle improvements can have a huge effect on the overall quality of a photo taken with night mode. The masonry on this old minister is unveiled and the color does work well with the weathered building.

I'm not 100% convinced of the sharpness, as the mat 20 pro should be able to produce a sharper image in the scenario given the extra lighting, but that does not keep it from a big picture.

Pixel 3XL: Auto Mode, Night Sight

Instantly with the pixel and night sits, we see a greater level of detail, but it feels slightly whitewashed overall. The mason feels much more flat with less shade and definition inside the window, but you can actually see the inner window sill – which is impressive.

I'm not so happy overall with the night sight image though, as it feels a little bit 'also exposed' Given how well it normally manages in low light.

Test four

Huawei Mat 20 Pro: Auto Mode, Night Mode

Night mode on the mat 20pro does make a decent little difference, again though, we see some softness. I'm not sure that's because I can not keep 100% still when taking the long exposure shots. That, like the pixel, there are extra details unearthed and colors bumped.

Pixel 3XL: Auto Mode, Night Sight

You may be forgiven for wondering if the night vision has even been done here. It is true, at first glance, it is difficult to say, but it's a good mark (just intended) of how well the one camera setup is on the pixel 3. spend a little more time inspecting and you can see the colors are bumped Up and more saturated.

The backlight in the background can produce a bit of extra liver flare, but the road and the trees in the side of the image have a little extra life in them also injured. Within each small pocket, you can see improvements all while the image retains plenty of sharpness.

Test Five

Huawei Mat 20 Pro: Auto Mode, Night Mode

With all the light on the reverse side of the huge bollard, the extra details inside the shadows help fill a picture such as this. Much of the text on these posters is unreadable – something I would improve. The changes are so subtle that it is really upset.

The grass looks bold and lacking in any definite definition but I like the overall colors of this image compared to some of the others we have seen so far.

Pixel 3XL: Auto Mode, Night Sight

It feels steelily and again, does not retain much detail in the text on the posters, but it is a tad better than the mat 20pro in terms of clarity. The big color change is what I was the most. The yellow-orange street light is neutral and you may be forgiven for thinking the photo came from the standard Huawei camera mode.

Last ideas

Between the two, I can not choose what is a better night shooting mode. Night Sight is excellent, Night Mode on the Huawei Mat 20 Pro is also great. I would say that the mat 20 pro (and by extension the standard mat 20) produce pictures that remind me very much of Gotham by its steel color palette.

What's more impressive about the pixel, however, is that it's easy to do it with a single rear camera. Huawei was able to collect details of the three ultra-facing shooters if they wanted, but also have the benefit of a wide-angle and 40-megapixel sensor to help get even more light.

One thing to repeat is that while the test was handheld, you can even achieve better results after using a tripod. If you're serious about nighttime photography, this is an essential purchase.

If you're a pixel user or Huawei fan, we would like to know your thoughts or even see some of your best rating with both modes (both devices). Get your opinions and best photos right down the comments section. And for those in the US. Would you like to see Huawei heading to your shores soon?

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