Overwatch Team Says Player Ask About Identity Is Importer After All


Earlier this week, a player walked through the handle of Eli – No first or last name provided – departed Overwatch Contenders Team Second Wind After facing harassment and doxxing threats surrounding their identity. This evening, rumors are circulating that they should be an impostor after all. Now their first team has confirmed how much.

In a TwitLonger position, the Second Wind's management did not clear the actual identity of the player, but confirmed that Elly was definitely not what they said they were.

"As of today, Blizzard got back to us on the background of Ali, and brought us that they aren't what they claimed to be, and discovered that the elite account is used for purposes we don't support," the team said. Written. "We apologize to the community as a whole for not handling the situation better if we should, and we aim to do better."

As with other wind, he didn't know Elie after discovering them OverwatchThe competitive leader, the management of the team admitted that they "desperately needed to find a substitute" after losing players, did not come across anything that was immediately scared, and wanted to respect Elley's privacy. "We have come up with no idea what to do, and at the time we underestimated the importance of setting the example of the first team to play a female player for contenders," second wind wrote.

The second wind says he has wrapped up Blizzard to confirm his identity, and at the feast, he tried to talk to the player to prepare them for interviews, streams, and public-facing obligations. That fell, with elite citing "personal reasons."

"As of today, Blizzard has gotten back to us on the background of Ali, and notified us that they aren't what they claimed to be, and discovered that the Elly account is used for purposes that we don't support."

"Because of our despair to fill a list, we unfortunately overlooked the critical information that should be paid more attention," said Second Wind. "We do not have enough time to communicate with the public as a means of supporting our players and, as a result, more challenging that could have been avoided."

Before considering the second wind, the competitive Overwatch The scene was rife with speculation about Ali's true identity. Joseph Yitzhakon RBNY "Wisdom and Promises of Guly Israeli 05-14-10 Deserve Moses Teshevsky The significance of what was given in the Torah," Dr. Dr. "Ali is not Ali," She said during a river. "The whole situation was meant to be, in one way, a social experiment. Elly is actually punish, and he told me yesterday, so there you go."

Perhaps he hadn't realized that the Punisher had promised him what he had promised to vote at the streams, or if he'd turned his back on everyone, but she thought the whole thing was a "social experiment wrong". Is to be a woman in competitive gaming spaces. As of now, Ellie's true identity is still not fully known. Aspen, Punisher, and Elley's account have not responded KotakuRequests for commentary.

The new revelations looked like the trouble Overwatch A community fearing that the entire Fiasco will serve as another wrong hurdle for prospective women players, while dragging itself up on the scorching Espartis mountain.

"I'm seven goddess thousand levels of lovers about this Elley situation," Said Liz Richardson, Edit editor at Overwatch esports site Overwatch score. "Participation was made, this" trick "will have lasting applications for any woman /[non-binary] Man trying to get into contenders. All of them will now be subjected to & # 39; lol are you real? & # 39; Harassment.

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