Overwatch Reveals Awesome New Lunar New Year Skin For Raper | Dexerto.com


The first lunar new year's 2019 skin was revealed and the lucky hero to get the first new skins is none other than ripper.

Overtake's Lunar New Year event happens every year in the new year of festivities in several Asian countries and features skins and other cosmetics for players to collect.

This year the pig's celebration was celebrated, and some players have already begun to refer to him as "The Year of the Road".

Ripper's new skin is called Lü Bu, and it's named after a legendary Chinese general and warrior named Lu Bu.

The skin looks great, with two giant plums coming out of Reper's helmet that fade into shade, very appropriate for ripper.

His helmet and armor look awesome, and fit right into the Lunar New Year theme Blizzard built on the last two years of the event.

Ripper is only the first hero to have a skin valid for the Lunar New Year 2019, so it will undoubtedly reveal the weekend and leading up to the start of the event.

Overwatch's Lunar New Year event starts on Thursday, January 24, and will run on Monday, February 18.

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