Oilers & Pullovers – Search for Answers As Trade Rumors Swirl


Edmonton – Jesse Puljroyevi became known around Edmonton for a mile-wide smile and a puppy-dog gown that takes him, often and forever, around a national hockey league he simply couldn't have mastered.

What Puljujarvi, the fourth-overall design pick in 2016 hasn't been known for is a player who creates scores sooner or bears it created by others.

"I didn't play a lot with the pack. So far I haven't had much in my game," he admits a career that has given 17 goals in 129 games.

"I don't get scoring chances very often."

The 20-year-old Finn sounds like he is haunting in, his NHL experience surging in an organization that is, in our opinion, badly mingling the big right-winger.

Long-time interview with Finnish correspondent – and my friend – Tommy Seppala, led to Vancouver after 3 November night's night, puljejiarvi sounded like a lost soul, donating some of his confidence as he earned the title of MVP in the 2016 world Junior Championship.

There, barely three years ago, Puljjjarvi was an unstoppable force, 17 points rocking up in seven games with Linemates Patrick Lane and Sebastian I.

Finland Jesse Puljjjarvi, left, Sebastian I and Patrick Laine pose with the WJK trophy. (Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva via AP)

In Friday's practice, with a critical battle of Alberta on Saturday's Shabbat in Edmonton, Puljjoyvi skated on the Edmonton oilers fourth line with the goalless Tobias rider and defensive central Kyle Brozziak. According to his new linemates "Penalty Killing Roles, PuljJoyviy – Who Logged a Time-Lapse 6:09 of Ice Time Against the Canoes – Will Be Hard-pressed to find eight minutes of ice time against Calgary.

"Once I got even less. It was four minutes against Boston in the first time. I always remember that," Puljjjarvi told Seppala, who loves translating Puljjjarvi's words for this column.

He wasn't bitter about his ice age, as much as defeated by the fact he couldn't find how to earn more.

"I didn't deserve anything anymore," said Puljuzharvi, who was minus -1 when he couldn't cope with a hard drive from Caleb Jones, which Marcus Granlund quickly buried for Vancouver. "Our line can't compare to goals. I should have gotten that punch on the Granville goal. You have to earn your minutes."

As the oilers rush alongside another prospect, the Septpala interview reveals that a young man stripped of this confidence's confidence to grow as a player. Not just by the oil front office decisions, but through the NHL game. The level he was asked to play at is one he is clearly not ready for.

"If it's not going on in my game with 15 minutes of ice age, then we have to go like this," Puljjjarvi said of his diminishing minutes. "I don't really know what's next, since I'm back to the square. It was like this – up and down – now for three years. I don't know … I just have to keep battling. "

Having dealt a string of bikers, general manager Peter Karielli did what made so many Oilers GM come before him, with the correct development of the American Hockey League, and instead of using that young player to tap a gaping hole in the hole. . Typically, the player does not pan out as expected, the hole never gets filled, and they go to the next 5 Summit draw in search of the next sacrificial lamb.

No matter how much Daniel and Henrik Sedin would like to visit Rexall site, it's a cycle that oilers just can't figure out.

Meanwhile, the serious young player guys in the mirror, as the hockey world decides he is not the player they once believed him to be.

"I wanted to focus on playing without the pack," Puljujarvi said. "It is important to use my body and make turbochargers. Get takeaways. You can't lose the pack on the blue lines, etc … This is how I get minutes. I'd like to be a player who can be released in any situation. "

Instead, he was a player who appeared in trade rumors, his GM, almost certainly losing his job, if oilers miss the playoffs for 12 times in 13 seasons.

"I've seen these stories," Puljujarvi said. "I just spent the day with my business. I don't think about rumors."

He smiles widely.

"In trades there are always positive and negative."

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Major coach Ken Hitchcock bold credit for calling up for an all-in-four, four-game stint in the back ground of this season. With his club in a playoff race though, even Hitchokk's work is not developing 20-year-olds like Puljuzhari or Cailer Yamamoto, which is also with Edmonton right now.

"You don't try to develop them," said Hitchhock. "You run them until they run out of gas, (and then you turn them back) and work with them again. When we talked to all of our young guys today, we have little individual meetings and we asked them how they were doing. And we asked them where we could help. But when they put the sweater on, they'd better play. That's their work and they know that. "

Hitchcock may be harsh, but he is a hockey coach. Gm gives him players, and Hitchcock gets paid to win with the players.

This is not Hollywood. Coaches and players do not all cuddle up a child every day. The NHL is a human being's world where you & # 39; Whether you're helping or getting in the road, where everyone inside the game has a financial stake finding team success.

No NHL Center wants the job of breaking into a soft, which is simply not ready, and who is dragging a production center.

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So the onus falls on the GM to make sure the player doesn't get into this environment. The fact that he protects the young player from being frightened, the way defender Justin Schulz did when he went through the exact scene here, leaving Pittsburgh as an empty shell, without a trace of confidence.

To hear him talk, there is a destination that puljuzharvi may be heading for.

"This was a hard week," said Hitchhock, "because Jesse found a new level of hockey played at this time of year. I think Yamo is going to find the same thing."

So they gave it a new line, and they'll be running the kid there again on Saturday at Hockey Night in Canada.

"There was some shuffling for sure," Puljujarvi said. "There's something they just do here, I've gotten used to it.

"I will do whatever he (Hitchhock) says."

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