Novi Scotia prepares for stormy weather than storms


Nova Scotia is getting ready for another messy blast from winter on Sunday.

A great winter storm is expected to hit the area, with up to 20 cm of snow and 60 rainforests possible. Freezing rain and strong winds are also likely.

Novi Scotia Power says that it is getting power line crawls and its customer care center prepared for the storm.

The utility is also coordinating with electrical inspectors to streamline repairs for customers whose meter mats – the pipe that connects the service line to your home – get damaged in the storm. If electrical equipment is damaged, a certified electrician must perform the repairs before Nova Scotia Power will restore power.

Halifax Water encourages people to clear ice and snow from catching basins near their homes.

Marine Atlantic is already advising customers of possible cancellations or delays of ferry crossings between North Sydney, New York, and Port O. X., on Sunday night and Monday morning.

People can get ready for the storm by:

  • Preparing an emergency kit with flashlights, a battery powered radio and fresh water.
  • Charging electronic devices.
  • Installing backup generators right.
  • Clearing drains or catches.
  • Marking any permanent structures near roads or sidewalks with reflectors.
  • Being aware of any parking bans in the area and moving vehicles accordingly.

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