Niagara Police particularly worried about getting the answers about shooting

He may be the top drop, but Niagara Regional Police Chief Brian Mekullochang says he can no longer be the public about which one of his officers shot another last Thursday afternoon in Pelham.

"I understand the frustration of the public, and of our members. I'm afraid how anyone to learn exactly what happened," MacCulloch said in an interview Monday. "But right now, we are not involved in the investigation."

The provincial Special Investigations Unit is looking at the const. Nathan Parker, who has been told by police, has arrived at least five times in an alternative with another officer while claiming a crash that took place two weeks earlier.

The SIU – which invest all incidents of serious injury or death with police in Ontario – allowed a virtual blackout on information when you make an investigation. The service under investigation can not talk about the incident.

MacCollot has talked to both Parker and Det-Sgt. Shane Donovan, the other officer involved. He said the incident allegedly supported the entire police service and left both civilian and unified members with more questions than answers.

The trial also involves the Ontario Provincial Police, which Maculaeoch has asked for a parallel investigation into the shooting.

He said he asked the OPP to bring a "fresh eye" to the case because a police service could expand an investigation beyond the tightly scope of a probe.

In the meantime, MacCulloch said an internal NRP "Wellness unit" – which includes an occupational health and safety nursing and access to mental health services – has been assisting the officers and staff affected by the incident.

"It's appetizing to the community and it's upset to the members of our service," she said.

Parker, who remains in hospital in a stable condition, was shot in the scene of following the investigation for an impaired driving case.

Donovan is on administrative leave during the investigation.

The Sigh said that it was challenging 12 "testimony officers," but MacCullot said the term was misleading. A witness officer is not necessarily someone who saw the shooting, he said.

"What can be any respondent officer who has contact with the subject officer."

McCullot did not know exactly how many officials were assigned to the impaired driving case last Thursday, or what the status of the investigation was.

While the public and the police are waiting for answers about the incident, another question has been raised – what is Parker after a police officer?

Parker has a history of disciplinary problems with the NRP, often for violence. He has been investigating nearly 300 hours of payment in full, yet guilty of infringement of at least four decisions.

Macculebot, who stated that he could not discuss personal officers, understood the disruption of the public, when a police officer repeatedly interrupted, but was not fired.

However, unlike the movies, McCullot said a police chief could not just fire an officer. Disciplinary actions, including termination, were decided by the Police Services Act.

"The Police Services Act is a complete code of discipline and we are obliged to follow it," he said, Section 5 of the Act frames all disciplinary hearings and actions.

MacCulloch has launched the discipline trial in a pseudo-courtroom where defense defender makes the same arguments that they do in a lot of law. The result is that the process is more and more complicated.

The previous liberal government is going to change the act and replace the officer's office hearers – currently chief officers – with retired judges.

The current Progressive Conservative Government sets the summer change.

McCulloch will not speculate as these changes may affect the career officer, but said the retired judge might be better equipped to travel complicated legal armaments during hearing.

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