New theory could explain 95 percent of the cosmos

Dark Side Map of Kidz Survey Area (Area G12). Credit: Kids Survey

Scientists at the University of Oxford may have allowed one of the biggest questions in modern physics, with a new paper that integrates dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon: a fluid that has a negative mass. If you were to push a negative mass, it would accelerate it. The astonishing new theory could also prove to be a prediction that Einstein made 100 years ago.

Our current, widely recognized model of the Universe, called LambdaCDM, tells us nothing about what dark matter and dark energy are as physically. We only know about them because of the gravitational effects they have on other, absorbent matter.

This new model, including today Astronomy and Astrophysics, By Dr. Jamie Farnes of the Oxford E-Research Center, Department of Engineering Science, offers a new explanation. Dr. Farnes says: "We now think that both dark matter and dark energy can be unified in a liquid that has a type of negative gravity, Replacing all other materials around them. Although this matter is peculiar to us, it suggests that our cosmic is symmetrical in both positive and negative qualities. "

The existence of a negative matter has stretched earlier than it was thought that the material would be less dense than the universe expands, which runs contrary to our observations that show dark energy is not thinner over time. However, the research Dr. Farnes appoints a tensor, which allows for continuous disadvantage to create negative masses that show that when more and more negative media are always burst into the existence, The negative mass flow does not duplicate the expansion of the cosmos. In fact, the liquid is identified with dark energy.

Dr. Farnes's theory also gives the first correct prediction of the nature of dark matter halos. Most galaxies are rotating so rapidly they should be torn apart, which suggests that an invisible halo & # 39; Of dark matter must be kept together. The new research published today features a computer simulation of the negative mass properties that predict the formation of dark matter halos as well as the ones included by observations with modern radio-telescopes.

Albert Einstein provided the first hint of the dark universe just 100 years ago, when he discovered a parameter in his equations known as the "Cosmological Continuous", which we now know to be synonymous with dark energy.Instant bird calls The Cosmological Continuous & # 39; Grandmother blonde, "although modern astrophysical observers show that there is a real phenomenon, in 1918. It was observed in 1918 that a violation of the spacecraft had to be taken into account by the fact that the" Space Sphere " There are different masses that differ across the interstellar area, which means to predict a negative-load-filled universe.

Dr. Farnes says: "The first approach to combining dark energy and dark matter have attempted to modify one of the theory of general reliability that was incredibly challenging. This new approach takes two old ideas that are known to be compatible with one The theory -segative load and matter creation-and combines them together.

"The result seems quite fair: dark energy and dark matter can be unified in a single substance, with both effects being simply clarified as positive massage surfing on a sea of ​​negative masses."

Proof of Dr. Farnes's theory will come from tests done with a cutting-edge radio telescope known as the Square Km Array (SKA), an international strength to build the largest telescope of the world in which the Oxford University has been collaborating.

Dr. Farnes adds: "There are still many theoretical issues and compatible simulations to work by, and LampDakDM has nearly 30 years of head start, but I'm looking forward to this new Extended version of LAMDDACDM can accurately match other observational evidence of our Cosmology In real terms, it would suggest that the missing 95% of the cosmos has aesthetic solution: we have forgotten to include a simple minus mark.

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More info:
J. S. Farnes. An unifying theory of dark energy and dark matter: negative mass and matter creation inside a modified lumped frame, Astronomy & Astrophysics (2018). You: 10.1051 / 0004-6361 / 201832898,

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