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There is no question the Galaxy S10 is the most talked about unrelated handset now. In the last few days, however, we have seen an increasing number of reports of infinity-of-the-design, the specs, the camera variations, and leaks showing portable screen protectors for the handset and renders based on alleged caddy files. With some three months to go until Samsung announces the Galaxy S10 series, we have more leaks that suggest that the phone's design has been finalized for a while. That's why accessory makers are making more and more products for the next Samsung flagships.

A well-known Samsung Insider shown in a new screen protector for both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +, saying that accessory makers do not make products without being sure their designs are accurate:

The screen protectors in the pictures are similar to what we've seen before. We look at completely thin beads and a snap-like cutout at the top that will probably fit the phone's top speaker. That said, this type of notch does not cut into the screen, just in the top bezel. The bottom bezel is still slightly thicker than the top bezel, but both of them are incredibly thin, especially when you compare them to Samsung's Galaxy S9 design (seen in the top photo). The Galaxy S9 looks great, but these are still some beautiful beads.

Both screen protectors feature rounded corners, and they seem to have curved edges. However, the cheapest Galaxy S10 is rumored to feature a flat screen like the "beach" display that's already an iconic element of Samsung's Galaxy S and Note Designs in recent years.

The same liquor posted a different variation of the screen protectors, one that has a complete ugly propagation near the top right corner: a pill-shaped section that contains two holes for the dual lens self-unit:

The Galaxy S10 + has been featured to feature five cameras in total, including three lenses on the back and two on the front. Hence, the Infinity screen for the Galaxy S 10 + will have a larger, pile-shaped, hole, or two different holes in the display. And it looks like some accessory makers would rather cut holes through their screen protectors instead of just covering the cameras with protective film or glass. This screen protector design contradicts the previous models that do not have any holes. That said, the same liquor posted renders featuring the expected Galaxy S10 and Galaxy's 10 + designs:

Samsung is widely expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 series in February. By then, we'll probably see all Galaxy's 10 designs leaked. And rumors say Samsung has made several four different versions, including a 5G Galaxy's 10 phone.

Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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