My nightmare started again: Close call like bus carrying humbolds crash survivor behind-ended


It was a sharp argument for Humboldt Bronx's survivor Ryan Stachnicki this past as the bus carrying him home from physiotherapy was trained by a truck.

Straschnitzki, 19, was one of 13 survivors April 6 when a team bus was hit by a half-trailer at an intersection north of Tisdale, Sask. Sixteen people died.

Straschnitzki, who was paralyzed from the chest in the accident, was attending physiologist four times a week in Calgary.

His mother says he was returning to his home in the airy when the accident occurred.

"His transport bus was involved in a collision." In and of itself, [that] Would have been traumatized to anyone. To Ryan, and, finally, Tom and I (on the other side of his SOS call), it is devastating, "his mother Michelle Straschnitsky wrote on Facebook.

"The kind of rip-your-heart-out-of-your-box-while-you're still breathing."

Humboldt Bronkos bus crash survivor Ryan Strastnickky during a riot session for his paralysis. (Susan Ormiston / CBC)

The accident occurred on an off-ramp coming aircraft, just north of Calgary, last Monday, she said.

She said that the impact of the vehicle was so jarring, it took him from his wheelchair to the floor.

"More than that, it caused its severe PTSD to run to conviction.We transported him back to April 6. With the acute memory in his head along with a million other ideas, he called his dad Tom picked up on a speaker phone, Strnachnitsky wrote .

"My mind hurts in panic mode. In my defense, when your child is crying and apolly, with his mind on his mummies, and screaming` please live – Tom was the most useful parent that night. It was November, my nightmare started again. "

Tom Strahnnitsky says he was able to calm his son down and rushed to the accident scene to pick him up. He is happy to have nothing to worry about.

"Well," he told the Canadian press.

"What is a tardier call as April 6."

Michelle Straschnitzki, who was lobbying for seat belts on the team buses, hoped that the latest accident would serve as a warning for motorists who did not pay attention.

"I do not ever want to hear another call from any of our kids such as one. You, people, pay attention to the conditions, follow the signals, signs and notices.

"Never make another family go through the absolute light."

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