Mother ordered to pay $ 260,000 for defamation chief


An Edmonton Court of Queen's Bank judge says a parent should pay a former school principal
$ 260,000 in damages for defamation.

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A mother who campaigned with leaflets, letters and a poster for her car falsely claiming an Edmonton school chief was abused, racist, and a criminal charged to pay $ 260,000 for defamation damage.

Last month, Queen of the Bank's Bank Justice Duran Sulima ordered Najmaia's Sanaa – also known as Najmaia's Sana Siddiki – to compensate for the past stresses and physical and emotional accidents she suffered as a result of baseless allegations.

"I am of the opinion that (Sanna's) misconduct was so vile, oppressive and high-handed that it brought the sense of disunity to the court," Sulima wrote in her December 10 decision.

Sanaa accused the amount of damages of the Alberta Court of Appeal.

"I never thought that the justice system would destroy me and punish me like this," Sana wrote in her appeal, filed on December 21. "I suffer, tortured by (the principal's) actions and her nonsense process."

In that appeal, Sanaa attributes her actions to depression she experienced at the time.

Although the child's father was initially named as a population in the suit, the discontinued legal fight against him in 2016, her lawyer said in an email Thursday.

School displaces escalated

This has been the case for more than 13 years.

In 2015, a recent report by Queen & # 39; s Bank justifies Robert Greener, found at least eight incidents when Sanae defamed Lorry Diane Elkov in 2004 and 2005. At that time, Elkov was head of Jackson Heights Elementary School in Southeast Edmonton. She is currently director, staff relations with Edmonton Public Schools.

According to Graesser's December 2015 written script, Sanaa has legitimate concerns about three incidents at the school, which you have attended 4 children. None of these concerns, or sanctions, justified her public campaign against him, he wrote.

Problems arose after the children 's father argued with another parent while dropping off the kids at school. The other father wrote Elkov to call the police. Elkov refused, said the father could call the police himself.

On the other day, two school staff members told Sanaa children, who were dressed in T-shirts, to wait outside in the rain for their school after school. Elkov was not present when it was.

One of Sana's daughters says her mother is compelled to wait outside in the rain was a "message for my mother" by Elkov.

Sanaa later pulled her daughter out of a math exam and asked why she told her mother the head was responsible for standing in the rain.

The relationship between the parents and the principal deteriorated, with Sanaa telling Elkov at a meeting she would make her public and make sure the head was fired.

Students at risk of terrorism & # 39;

In June 2004, Elkov delivered the sana of the school grounds. In response, Sanaa wrote a letter to the Superintendent's responsibility that Elkow he had laid the children in danger. She threatened to protest in front of the school and call national media outlets.

Sana was later ordered and convicted by Jackson Heights after being parked from outside the school in September 2004, marking the Judge found defamation to Elkov.

Sana's sign was particularly discriminating against her based on her race and on the other hand, that she "abused and distorted my kids" and attacked her from the school without any reason.

Graesser has said in the next few days that Sanna has been distributing "offensive" leaflets over Elkov in Jackson Heights and near areas, including business and medical clinics. The leaflet has claimed, "The main call (SIC) police and making the kids and staff (SIC) in danger of terrorism need protection," among other unsubstantiated claims.

In her appeal, Sanaa remembers making the leaflet.

In subsequent letters to the school district leader and the Ministry of Education, Sanna Falsely allegedly, Elkov was abusive, suffering from Pentecost in the trespassing process, was mentally ill and recruited parents to do "dirty work" for her.

No evidence of Sanaa's allegations against Elkov was found.

& # 39; Malicious Defamatory Campaign & # 39;

As a result of Santa's campaign to have you fired, Elkov's trust and self-esteem suffered, Sulima wrote in her December 2018 decision.

Elkov would like to see her superiors or others think she was supremely biased, dishonest, wrong, unfair or cruel, the judge said. She has a box of tightness, an elevated heart rate, aches and pains and loss of sleep.

"It is not a small matter that the false witnesses tell all the agencies of child abuse," Sulima wrote. "Without a doubt, the malicious campaign by no means left its reputation and the plaintiff remains severely affected by the actions".

With files by Paige Parsons and Juris Graney

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