MMA community reacts to UFC booking Greg Hardy and Rachael Ostowych on the same card

Rachel Ostowych

Last night, ESPN reported that the first NFL star Greg Hardy is likely to make his long-discussed UFC debut on January 19 in Brooklyn, New York, when the UFC makes its first appearance on ESPN +.

Hardy's seemingly innovative move to the UFC has always been the subject of controversy, as he was previously found guilty of two domestic violence charges against his ex-girlfriend (though the charges were later removed when his victim did not appear in court ). That is, it's hard to imagine the UFC handling the controversial former NFL debut no worse.

In the scheduling hardy for the January 19th card, the promotion put him on the same map as Rachael Ostowicz, who was the victim of domestic violence, my week ago. East Timor, who was set to fight on the card, was closed to withdraw the card as a result of the injuries she was in her attack, but decided to stay on the card to send a message of solidarity And strength her fellow survivor.

"Although this is a very difficult time for me and my family, I feel that this action in January was important," said Rachael Ostowych. "I found that it was extremely important for me to follow with him and not only for me, but first for my daughter and other people who can go through similar situations." I want to take a stand against domestic violence and show others It is okay to come out and talk about it and not be silent.

"I feel like I have to do it, this is something that can not be removed from me.I want to use this great world worldwide to show people who … do not let anyone or something come between you and your dreams and Your career. "

Now, it appears, Rachael Ostowych will share the card with a person who was previously found guilty of the crime he recently was victim of.

Unsurprisingly, the MMA community had a nice message about the invisible doing-dove decision by the UFC. Here's how people are reacting to Twitter.

What do you think of the UFC's decision to put Rachael Ostowicz and Greg Hardy on the same card?

The article first appeared on BJPENN.COM On 12/5/2018.

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