Mike Babocock Post Game, Panthers 3 Vs. Leaves 1: "Wily is an honest kid and usually puts in a good effort … he'll keep working at him"


Mike Babkok talked to the media after his 3-1 team loss to Florida Panthers, the Leafs & # 39; sixth loss at their last nine games.

On the team's performance in generating only 21 shots on goal:

I thought it was a tightly contested game. I thought they were better than us at the beginning. It took us some time to walk our legs. We got behind 2-1 and then I thought they had a really nice job. We did not finish at a high enough level to make it difficult on Luongo at all tonight. Give them credit. They have good energy. They played real. We were unable to follow last night's effort with more of the same.

What Nander and Mattews Need to Do to Get Scoring Again:

I think the entire key is just working. You talk about scoring – they have a lot of different lineages and lots of different opportunities. You just go to work. You make simple plays and you play well with the pack when it's not going to work hard, and next thing you know, you find one and you get some momentum for yourself. One thing about the league is that no one feels sorry for you, but we need the players to be good players. That is so difficult about the league. It is not just a physical battle; It's a mental battle. When things are great, it's great. When they are not good, you have to dig in and go to work.

On enabling Nilander's fourth-line duty and back-office work, there is no sense in what Captain and Mariner did in the past:

I don't know … Capi started this year on the fourth line and I think Mitti just played it in his first year when he was just learning to play a little. The bottom line is not my willie on the fourth line. We want Wily to be a contributor to our hockey club. He is an honest kid and usually puts in a good effort. He will continue to work with him. He had never been like this – probably before. It's hardly catching up, as you can see.

On whether mixing up the lines and moving nander down was a case of sending a message:

The line change came with trying to win the hockey game. I mean, I changed the lines in the first. I changed them in the second. You are just trying to get something going because we are not going.

Whether he saw a lack of urgency on this team:

I never … No, I don't think so. I think there are always highs and lows. I do not see at all. I think we have a pretty good team. We just got better. The thing about the NHL is very, very tight. If you don't have your A game and they jump on you, you're going to win. It's just simple. Now with Barkov and Trocheck back, they have a good team here. We knew that it was hard to go inside we would like to be better.

Whether it is now to become a prolonged spell of inconsistent hockey:

I've said it a number of times that I didn't think we're good at Christmas. Saying, we've played some real good games and didn't win. I think Freddie is injured and not being available for a period of time doesn't help us. But I think we can get better for sure. But I also think there is a 82-game design. Strictly on this helm and let's keep getting better.

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