Mike Babkock: We think misery is going to be a career leader.


Saturday 5:00 pm. ET term to get William Nyander signed with the Toronto Maple Leaps is very rapidly approaching and has more than a few onlookers feeling whole nervous.

Major Koch MikeBookcook does not appear to be among the group, but.

Jump to reporters Thursday, Babcock expressed confidence that Nyander will be in uniform with the team soon and that he will remain a member of the leafy for a long time afterwards.

"We think Willy's going to be here and we think Willy's going to be here for a long time," said Bobcook. "We think Willy is going to be a career leader."

Babcock's comments about staying in Toronto for the remainder of his career come one day after sporstnet Elliott Friedman Opinion on Tim & Sid Wednesday that even if Leffs and Nilander work out a business, this will be the CEE's last time in the Blue and white.

"The only thing that I believe does not matter what happens is that it will be William's last time as a Toronto Maple Leaf," said Friedman. "Whether he is witnesses or whether he does not sign, this is going to be it, and even if he does sign, I think Toronto deals with the design in the last.

"One way or another, I think this is over. I would be surprised if he plays for Toronto next time."

It would be frightened that Babokock would not believe this view.

Nander, a limited free agent, comes back to back 61-point seasons. It was reported that the Laughs and Nylander's camp were "close" as they came down to the wire in negotiations with Nyander supposedly willing to accept anything in the $ 6.9 million range per year.

Meanwhile in the Atlantic Division and only two points of the NHL Leading Buffalo Sabers, the Leafs have been fine so far without needing, but that does not mean they would not welcome his return. Babcock certainly seems like a guy who would like to have the star forward back on his bench. Dosto for teams of Kasper Cancun.

The leaks next play Saturday against the Minnesota Wild at 7:00 pm. There will be a couple of hours after the passing of the signing term.

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