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Mount Scio MHA Dale Kirby and Humber Bay of Islands MHA Eddie Joyce found that members of the Parliamentary Assembly violated the Code of Conduct MHA.

Speaker Perry Trimper asked Joyce to stand in his place and apologize for his behavior.

Here is a full disorderly transcript of Joyce's justification: "I'm sorry."

Kirby left the Parliamentary Assembly before he could call him to apologize. It is not clear when it will apologize.

Later on Tuesday, MHA voted for the reminder of both MHAs. In addition to the apologies, the MHA will be "individually respectable on-the-job training" after the amendments submitted by the NDP will be approved before the final vote.

While the liberals voted in favor of the apology and training recommendations, they voted against another amendment to deny Kirby and Joyce the salary on the 21st day as their own punishment brought by Tories.

The reflection of the leaders of the government, Andrew Parsons, was that his party respects the recommendations of the commissioner for regulatory standards, Bruce Chaulk, and that his original recommendation was a simple justification.

On the basis of a vote on Joyce's support, he repeated the request that "self-confident (I) did nothing wrong."

Humber-Bay of Islands MHA Eddie Joyce.
Humber-Bay of Islands MHA Eddie Joyce.

Joyce said he "prevented" Premier Dwight Ball through the investigation process and a subsequent debate. Service minister NL, Sherry Gambin-Walsh, one of the complainants against him, accused the documents of the cabinet lacking evidence on the ground of parliament.

In the end, House voted to force Joyce to apologize and to study.

Joyce's punishment resulted from a recruitment procedure where he was found to have pressured Gambina-Walsh to get a friend of his service in the public service. The person did not receive a position interview. Nevertheless, Chaulk found in his report that Joyce violates the Code of Conduct.

"His behavior during the recruitment process fell below the standard expected member of the parliamentary assembly," Chaulk wrote in a report dated 18 October.

"I have found that the way in which he dealt with this issue was unprofessional and showed a lack of mutual respect for members of the public service by putting these individuals in the middle of a process that was supposedly politically unbiased."

Gambin-Walsh talked about the House floor on Tuesday night, which described the emotional impact of the entire process since April.

"Every more than 40 percent of Canadian workers enjoy harassment on a weekly basis, in all cases it is a form of power, and the causes have received little systemic attention beyond the analysis of the personality traits of the perpetrators," said Gambin-Walsh.

"The interaction of relational instability and organizational chaos causes intimidation. Organizations need to eliminate chaos – chaos that creates openings for abuse of power."

Kirby's sentence came after an investigation in which Chaulk found Kirby in violation of the Code of Conduct on Appeal issued by Grace-Port de Grave Port MHA Pam Parsons.

Specifically, Kirby violated the principle of the 5 Code of Conduct. The commissioner noted that when Kirby spoke to Parsons at the annual Liberal Assembly in 2016, he "tried to gain support for his position on private grounds".

The conversation described in the report took place either in the hotel parking lot or in the hotel room at Hotel Gander – Kirby requested the first, Parsons was the latter, and the matter was not clarified during the discussion.

Kirby tried to prevent Parsons from pronouncing against the rules adopted by the government at a ratio of 1.6 km, which means that either the side line should either be left or the group left, according to the Chaulka report.

Kirby left the assembly after the vote. He did not return for the rest of the evening.

The Liberal and NDP clauses have unanimously voted in favor of the sanction together with Mount Pearl Southlands MHA Paul Lane. A progressive conservative MP voted against Kirby's remark because they thought the punishment was not sharp enough.

"We think the warning, although it also includes training, is an inappropriate punishment," said PC Leader Ches Crosbie.

"We moved for a 21-day suspension without payment. We voted against the proposal that the reminder, even with training, is sufficient."

The suspension of the suspension was preceded by the previous session by the Liberal Club.

Parsons, who lodged the original complaint, rejected the interview after the vote, but before the vote, he spoke at the parliamentary assembly.

"It was never sex, it's behavior," Parsons said.

"It is difficult to know that our efforts were not in vain. We had a role in providing the best intimidation and harassment policies in the country."

The Committee on Rights and Elections, of which Parsons is a member, reviews the harassment policies throughout the country and will soon report to Parliament on a new policy.

Further investigation to determine whether Kirby was unjust for the parliamentary assembly happened, Terra Nova MHA Colin Holloway was also under investigation, at the request of Kirby.

The other three reports, in which no reminder was recommended, were adopted without amendment and without penalty for Kirby or Joyce.

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