Mel B Hospitalized for Severed Right Hand & Two Broken Ribs


Spice Girls star Mel B Was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering two broken ribs and a severe right hand in a mystery accident.

The 43-year-old artist shared some photos on Instagram, including one of these Spice Girls Visiting her in the hospital.

"Thank you all the wonderful nurses, doctors, and my amazing surgeon for the care and expertise given me here at the hospital that I have been in," Mel Written on Instagram. "Suffering 2 broken ribs [and] A severed right hand, which requires emergency care, to have over 3 hr surgery to repair the damage to the purple slide, I had to unfortunately cancel my book signing today in New York.

Mel B Apologized to fans and said they will get to meet you at a later date.

"My right arm / hand is all stitch up and I'm trying to stop curing my broken ribs, but I'm in the safe hands with the care of everyone here at the hospital, thank you all for understanding, "She added.

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