Megan Marcle, Prince Harry Christmas Carol Service Pics

What did you do last night? Because while Netflix was shying me with their "Are You After Watching" pop-up, Megan Marle and Prince Harry stepped out for a lovely evening of holiday cheer together.

The couple attended a Christmas Carol service at London's Church in London, which is a tradition for the Prince and raises money for the Henry van Straubense Memorial Fund, a charity named for Harry's friend in 2002.

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Here's the couple arriving, though lol the movie operator only carries about Meghan in this shot:

ImageSplash News

The Duchess has referred to reading the song "Our Deepest Fear" by Marianna Williamson at the service, and then she and Harry kept these things super low-key as they left the building:

ImageBeretta / Sims / Rex / Shutterstock

This is the first time the newlyweds are seen together at a time, though you can expect a less blurry look at Christmas Eve, when they are waiting to do a walk with the Queen and the family in Sandhearhong, as is the tradition!

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