Meet the 2019 McLaren 720's Spider: McLaren blows the roof off its magnetic supercar


This means the 720s Spider is only 0.1 seconds slower than the coupe. Likewise, the quarter-mile is dealt with 10.4 seconds, which is also 0.1 seconds off the gear. McLaren says that the spider will match the Coupe's 212 mph. Top speed with the roof up and even with the roof down, the car can still travel up to 202 mph. Sh. If there are no downsides to buy the spider, we fail to see them.

If you have loved the interior of the cup, you will have no problems with the Spider. Almost everything remains the same, though there are some subtle differences under the car. Makleren designed new 10-spoke, forged alloy wheels specifically for the spider. These are wrapped in zippered tire zirconia, although a more trace-footed zero corsa tire is also available, as are winter tires.

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