Marty Jinnetti is currently being screened by Barbershop Window's Enduring Appeal, Talks Possible Hall of Fame.


– Marty Janneti spoke with sports illustrated for a new interview looking back on his bar barchshik corner with Sean Michaels, plus more. Highlights are listed below:

On the corner after being memorable: "I was hoping that the moment would last six months, leaving only 27 years. I can't believe it was so long. I think one of the main reasons the Barber Shop window moment has lasted 27 years is that it looked real Enough to believe it was real, I wouldn't want to change that … and in 20 years, they'll still show the clip of the rockers breaking up. What else will stand that kind of time of trial? "

On potentially being indicated in the WWE Hall of Fame one day: "I would be grateful for that opportunity. I would be honored. That makes a big difference in the wrestling world."

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