Mars is feasible billions of years yet, but is it live on Mars now?


According to some researchers, the distant past should not be the focus of search for life on Mars. The surface on Mars may have been about 400 billion years ago, even though there are even deep oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Therefore, some astrobiologists even believe that in this era life will be better on Mars than on earth. They also think that life formed on our planet as it came from the rocks blasted into place by the impact of Mars.

As the global magnetic field of Mars went missing, the situation did not remain the same. The Martian atmosphere is enough to be thickened because of the particles coming from the sun, stripping it. Because of about 3.7 billion years ago, as NASA's Maven Orbitry suggests, Mars lost its host to live like it turned dry and cold.

It can still live on Mars today

According to the co-founder of a nonprofit organization that runs the advances at Genome Biology and Technology Conferences, the Genome Partnership, Michael Finny, "If Mars has been living about 4 billion years ago, Mars still has life. Nothing happened on Mars that would be" 39; It is washed out of life ".

Last month finale also reported during a breakthrough discussion panel discussion at the University of California, barely that the lives that were used to be on Mars may have moved its place and it could be there but hiding. The Martian underground may be the place where life could be found as it could be a source of water hidden in that part of the planet.

Since there is no liquid water on the surface of the planet, at this moment, scientists believe that life on Mars can only exist in the underworld of the red planet. Future missions might reveal whether it's true or not.

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