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NBC News Reports that Facebook's Market Zuckerberg and other top executives are superbly listed at the New York Times over what they say are weeks of antagonistic coverage and anti-Facebook bias.

Dylan Byers Reports The fact that NYT ed-in-chief is in response is that Facebook is "a great company with unusual power."

Facebook can deal with it. And Facebook deserves it.

From NBC News:

• The frustration was reckless this week after the Times bought a cartridge posted on Facebook to promote "a step-by-step guide to breaking up with" Facebook and Instagram – A move source probably to Facebook took an ad in the Times Encouraging Reader To cancel their subscriptions.

• The Sponsored Ad came after weeks of Times articles that cast Facebook as a reckless, data-hungry behemoth with little consideration for user privacy or the integrity of American politics. These articles are aggressively promoted by the Times & # 39; social media accounts and in push notifications.

• Facebook sources believe some of the paper's reporters voluntarily ignored the latest news about how internet work is in order to throw Facebook into the worst possible light, or because paper is hell-bent on crawling the social media or because it's gunning For a Pulitzer Prize.

• Facebook spokesperson: "No comment."

Times View: Asked to Respond to the Criticism, Times Executive Editor Dan Bette told me it was a "great company with unusual power that is in the middle of some of the greatest issues of the day – privacy and politics Influenza. "

• As for the sponsored ad, it said: "There is no connection between our Facebook coverage and the business business with Facebook."

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