Man caught with a loaded handbag while riding stolen bike at st. Vital


A winnipeg man is facing a number of charges after police said he was taken to carry a loaded handbag while riding a stolen bike at st. Vital Friday.

Officers are responding to a report of stolen bicycles on St. Mary's Road near St. Louis. Vital Center around 6:30 pm When they noticed a man riding a bike believed to have been stolen.

Police found a handbag loaded with eight rounds of .22 caliber defenses on the man.

The bike was stolen from a close school in October, said the police.

The main crimes of the United Kingdom are to investigate and say the same suspect is also responsible for the assault of two women in a home in the Master Roberts region in November. Police say the people point out a gun at both women and a man during the incident

A 29-year-old man is facing a long list of charges including assault with a weapon, assault, carrying a hidden weapon and possession of a loaded restricted firearm.

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