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A few simple steps will keep your Christmas tree pretty beautiful at the time, tell the experts at Down to Earth Gardens & Nursery in Metchosin.

Make a magical family memory this Christmas – with a life or cat

It is adopted in 1584 in Latvia, Europe, young people with "a flock of maidens," singing and dancing around a decorated fir tree in the market square and then putting the tree on the floor!

No need to burn your Christmas tree these days, with live trees available in down to earth gardens and nursery in motchosin.

Eco and Kelly Chashai have operated down to earth over 20 years, catering to those who love the traditions of keeping the holiday season living with greenery of all kinds. New this year are the living Christmas trees. "People are excited about the living trees, in some cases planting them after Christmas in memory of a loved one," says Kelly. "And you can definitely keep it for next year if you water it well."

Choosing a tree is very personal. It may be the tree that your parents have always chosen, or you may want to start your own tradition. Down to earth trees are all of British Columbia. You should not be aware, but in the last couple of years there has been a shortage of trees because of the drought and fire forcing commercial lots to the truck-in trees of Nova Scotia. Here are some tree descriptors that will help you choose.

  • Douglas Fiers Have branches lower to the ground, are heavily scented and full – ideal to show off twinkling lights.
  • Noble Firs Give a heavenly citrus smell, welcome guests in your home.
  • Grand Firs Have thicker branches with more space in between, perfect for heavier ornaments.
  • Fraser Firs Are a wedding of both the Doubles and Big Fierce – nice and full of strong branch.

Tips for keeping your tree fresh and green

  1. For live trees in the house – Take a large zip-lock bag, make a few holes on the bottom and fill with a pair of handles of ice. Place the bag on the soil inside the pot both at night and in the morning.
  2. To reduce shedding of needles, your cut tree will need lots of water – About four liters per day. Tree stands do not hold the volume, so use a combo of the ice method and watering. Plus, spray with water twice a day and put the tree away from blowing heat.
  3. For reeds and swags – Down to earth already spray them with pinosup, so you should be fine. If indoors, just spray once a day.

Bring nature into your festive season

Botanicals bring the beauty of nature into your home. Kelly says with pride, "We customize the botanical baskets and center pieces with holly, evergreen boas, seed pods, pine cones and berries, each winter is unique.The winter wheat botanicals are a beautiful and scented mixture of blue Eucalyptus, Magnolia and Silver-tinted pine cones. "And who would not smile when he got a whimsical green tree!

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